1. Tokyo
2. Cryin'
3. Tuesday Morning
4. Girl
5. We Are The Times
6. Teenage Shooter
7. Father Of Time
8. Carry On
9. Welcome To My Home
Bonus Tracks:
10. Young Kids in Love
11. Carry On
12. You're My Girl
13. Cryin'
14. The Time is Right
15. On My Mind
16. Behind the Faces

Klaus Luley - Lead Vocals, Guitars
Robby Mussenbichler - Guitars
Ken Taylor - Bass
Lothar Krell - Keyboards
Fritz Matzka - Drums

Tokyo (1981)
Fasten Seat Belts (1982)
San (1983)
The Westworld Encounter (1984)
Back To The Fire (1995)

Produced at Music Park Studios in Bad Homburg, Germany


Released 30/9-2011
Reviewed 29/9-2011


German band Tokyo have taken their name from a japanese capital, which is an odd thing for a german band to do but who am I to argue? After all their name was invented in a time when I wasn’t even born and this album came back in the forlorn past which is 1981. It has now for the first time been remastered and the same goes for the two albums that followed this debut. I would guess that the name Tokyo is better than some other bands’ I have met recently like swiss band China or swedish Korea, but at the same time I guess the name is not on review and neither is the very eighties looking logotype the band has on their album.

Like every Yesterrock release I have received so far, this album is another melodic rock album. It has a sound of the eighties with use of saxophones, prominent keys and a very melodic disposition with catchy choruses. The production is nice and polished with the sense of being more modern than it actually is, although maybe a little of the more recently recorded bonus tracks have some influence on this. The album in its original configuration had nine tracks but this remastered issue with some more freshly recorded bonus tracks has sixteen tracks and the playing time has therefore run away all the way to over one hour.

I think this album has a lot going for it, it has good music that is catchy and fun to listen to, in its best moments it is quite great. The first track called simply Tokyo is called a classic hit song by the label and just by listening to it I think I can see why, it is a really good track and a great opener. The rest of the album follows in the same style but not as good even though the eight track called Carry On is very good as well. There are no poor tracks on the album as they all are well performed, well written and overall good tracks but maybe not amazing or fantastic which can almost be said about the tracks I have mentioned by name.

There are a few slight weak spots with this album as well, first of all it feels a tad on the long side, I feel that maybe they should have skipped one or two of the bonus tracks as it feels a bit long to listen to the entire album. Then we have the singer who I feel is a slight bit uneven in his performance making the album feel slightly up and down in regard to the quality. Not very much down though, but a slight bit which is enough to make you think and question the quality.

Overall though there is not much real complaints, the album holds a high quality and still feels quite fresh even if the sound is clearly eighties. Over some of the tracks there is a timeless quality and it is a fun album to listen to and it feels like it works on many levels and in most situations. And on top of that the songs are good and this album will probably grab quite a few listeners and it makes for a good while of entertainment to listen to this album. But in the end I have to say that it is a good album that does not quite grab me as I want a good album to do.



Label: Yesterrock/GerMusica
Three similar bands: Jojo/Spliff/Supermax
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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