Tides From Nebula

01. These Days, Glory Days
02. The Fall Of Leviathan
03. Waiting For The World To Turn Back
04. Caravans
05. White Gardens
06. Hypothermia
07. Siberia
08. Cemetery Of Frozen Ships

Adam Waleszyński - Guitar
Maciej Karbowski - Guitar, Keys, Piano
Przemysław Węgłowski - Bass
Tomasz Stołowski - Drums

Aura (2009)

Produced by Rafał Smoleń, Tides From Nebula, Zbigniew Preisner
Artwork By Helder Pedro
Sound Engineering By Rafał Smoleń
Mastered By Martin Astle
Music By Tides From Nebula, Zbigniew Preisner (tracks: 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8)


Released: 9/5-2011
Reviewed: 9/8-2011

mystic production

The tides are coming in from nebula. What is this nebula? is it a place called nebula located close or is it a nebula they are talking about. Questions are arriving thick and fast when listening to and looking at this album, the songs seem to have no connection judging by their names and the story I am able to decipher does not reflect what I hear. That may have something to do with the fact that it is an instrumental album and that we all have different ways to look at things. Earthshine is what this album is called, it is the second album by these guys who’s origin is possible to trace to the nation of Poland in Europe.

Instrumental, atmospherical, semi-progressive, rock music are all descriptions that can be applied to this album, post-rock is another description I have seen so I guess that one would suit as well. It is an album of eight tracks and 53 minutes of music, most of the songs are quite long at over six minutes and three tracks are over eight minutes. The songs are rather similar in style and sound but not so similar that they blend into one song or you have them confused, I would say that it is a symmetrical album. The production and sound of the album are very good, it brings out the songs very well I think.

I would say that I am not much of a fan of the instrumental branch of the rock musical family tree. Tides From Nebula creates multi-layered music which is focused on creating atmosphere, it is also slightly progressive the music. The songs are all telling stories but what I cannot figure out when I listen to Tides From Nebula is how they name their songs, it does not really reflect the stories I think of when I listen to the band. I think the music is quite exciting as well, the album is coherent but yet varied enough for you to know where on the album you are.

I still feel as though I miss the vocal part, even if the story is up to you and your imagination to bring out but at the same time I think there are many exciting and thought-provoking bands that plays atmospheric music as well, Ayreon comes to mind and they do bring out more from my imagination than Tides From Nebula does even if they do bring out some interesting ideas from the mind as well. I think they have a lot going for them in their work with atmospheres and layers in the music but I think the lack of vocals is quite detrimental for me.

Another thing that is a bit of a downer for me with this album is the length, I think that 53 minutes is a tad on the long side even if the album is exciting. But even with these tiny little flaws I think this album has many more positive aspects, the stories it tells are all very interesting and the ideas it sparks for my writing works well also, not as well as bands like Ayreon or say Star One. It is also a kind of music that is quite brave to make in these times when people can’t think for themselves anymore and need to be told everything. Earthshine makes you figure out the stories for yourself and I think it is in a way a refreshing way to look at it.

In the end it is a thought-provoking album that tells interesting stories, what kind of stories it will tell is up to you and what kind of storyteller you are.



Label: Mystic Production
Three similar bands: Mogwai/Pink Floyd/Isis
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm