The Van Jets
Cat Fit Fury

1. The Future
2. Damage
3. Down below
4. The other man
5. Onawa
6. Dancer
7. Teevee
8. Givers & takers
9. Comes the crying
10. Matador
11. Our heads

Johannes Verschaeve (zang/gitaar)
Michael Verschaeve (drums)
Wolfgang Vanwymeersch (gitaar)
Frederik Tampere (bas)

Electrid Soldiers (2007)



Released 30/3-2011
Reviewed 28/4-2011


These belgian guys are releasing this, their second album for the wider international audience and this new album Cat Fit Fury is thought to be the way for the band to be noticed on other places than the pathetic nation of Belgium which is the headstone of the pathetic EU. Still I know some good belgian people as well so this might have something but guess we will just have to wait and see what we will find out about The Van Jet.

For one I think this band has a stupid name, the Jet Streams or Jet Airliners or Van Drivers would all have been better alternatives for a name. Then I think from looking at the promo info that the band look rather boring. Cat Fit Fury is a bit of an odd album title as well but any band for themselves when it comes to these things but there are a lot of small things that feels a bit off with this band, like they did miss something when they started out, but I guess there are a place for almost anything in this world anyway so they will have fans for sure.
Musically it feels like they are kind of stuck in time, in a time that has come and gone a long time ago. They have an old kind of rock sound with a production that sound as dated as the band’s songs. This album does not have a production that makes it feel like an album that was recorded not long ago, it rather sound like something from the dark ages when the bubonic plague plagued Europe and when long distance communication was made by a man on a fast running horse. Soundwise it is hard to imagine that it is a modern album.

The time machine sound is not the only problem I have with this album, I do not like new albums that sound like they are from a time when mammoths were a good source of food and when newspapers were some scientist’s wet dream. Neither do I like the non-cohesive sound of the album, the fact that it does not appear like the band really know where they are heading is in fact a rather negative thing about this album.

Sure it may sound a bit like I only have negatives for this album but it is not entirely true, I have some positives as well, the opening track The Future which is also the single track is really quite good and I also think that track eight Givers & Takers is worth mentioning as a track that is a bit better than the rest on the album. The problem however is that besides these there is nothing to really write home about, the album’s overall feel is quite dull.

I believe that the band does what it does quite well and the performance and production is probably what they set out to do, the problem with this is that nothing of it appeals to me in any way and I have a hard time seeing that they can really be that interesting to anyone but I may be wrong as I have seen many positive comments about this band and their music, especially about the video track on youtube. This feels quite weird to me but each to his own I guess.

I have a problem with music that feels dated the day it is released and that is exactly what this album does. These Van Belgians release in the Cat Fit Fury an album that feels like something they dug up during an archeological dig rather than something they just recorded.


Label - Belvédère Records/PIAS/Cargo/Playground/Triada
Three similar bands - Astrolites/The Rolling Stones/Gordon FIghts
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm