Tear Them Down
This is Mutiny

1. Life In Sin
2. I Won't Go
3. My Revue
4. Is It All In My Head?
5. Finnigan

martin – drums
jonte – bass/vocals
axel – guitar/vocals
cyndi – guitar/vocals



Recorded at Studio Music A Matic
by Michael Nilsson
Produced by: Michael Nilsson & Tear Them Down
Mastered by: Henryk Lipp
Cover by: Jocke Dräparn Eriksson

Released 26/8-2011
Reviewed 13/8-2011


Tear Them Down, tear down who, or what? the politicians from their high horses? fences? bushes in a downhill ski slope? the curtains? they do resort to mutiny as well, I wonder from what, my guess is people in green pullovers. It is a band from the insignificant town of Gothenburg, in our insignificant nation that is called Sweden. They call themselves Tear Them Down and they are what you might call a spinoff from the band Nemas that was disbanded when two members left the band last year, the three remaining members formed this new band with one new person on the roster. This is Mutiny is their debut release which is an EP, just like the old Nemas singer Joel who also recorded an EP, but the similarities are not many more than that.

If you have heard the band Nemas then you’ll know more or less how this band sound as they are very similar in style, it is what some might call party punk. I would say it is punk rock with very catchy melodies and lots of energy and a political message that is being made quite loud and clear at times. Five tracks and a total of eleven minutes of playing time is what our money will buy if we put them towards this album. The production is adequate, it is punk rock and it sounds like punk rock, the sound is modern punk and has a sense of rawness to it while still being quite polished.

It is hard to avoid being caught by the catchiness of this band debut offering, the songs have a lot of positive energy and quickly gets to your mind. I can enjoy listening to the tracks and the music will also give a positive feel thinks to the energetic and positive energy in the music. The opening track Life in Sin is a really good punk track and then we have track four Is it All in My Head which is also very good despite a less than fantastic opening.

There are some minor things that can be seen as slightly negative, first thing is that as the punk songs are very short the EP also becomes very short and many times it feels like it ends before it starts being only eleven minutes long. Then we have the fact that it feels like Tear Them Down does not have as good singer as the band they sprung from, the song is not terrible but it feels like it could have been better. Then there is the third track which is called My Revue which is not good. Other than that there is not much to complain about when it comes to this album.

To summarise I think this is a good punk rock album that is very catchy and energetic and sure to please any fan of the late Nemas but also the fans of the genre in general. And if you do think it is too short and want more of the Nemas connection there is always the Joel Regal EP to buy and play them together, well worth the effort.


Label: Plunk Records/Sound Pollution
Three similar bands: Nemas/Ramones/En Svensk Tiger
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
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