Tantrum to Blind
Walk Out

01. Get get get
02. Big city silence
03. Tell me once
04. Liar lines
05. Why pretend
06. Shaking
07. Rise & Fall
08. Throw me away
09. Laurene
10. Over now
11. Fireflies

Melanie Mohlkert - Vocals
Simon Janlöv - Guitars
Michael Cicero - Drums
Daniel Sandin Lundell- Bass




Released 18/5-2011
Reviewed 4/5-2011

headlock management

So, this band has named themselves after a wakeboard trick, that is not really something I find particularly cool if I am to be honest. What else is that the information I got claim that this band is inspired by bands like Sum41, Linkin Park or Paramore, which doesn’t sound particularly cool either, I have never heard Paramore but what I have heard from skatepunk rubbish like Sum41 or Green Day stinks worse than a skunk can manage to stink. Another thing I notice is that the video for the single track called Get Get Get is completely worthless, pathetic and stupid video is probably the best thing to say about it. Funny thing about the title though because Get in Swedish means Goat which would have made it into a farmer’s song had it been sung in Swedish, which it is not.

I mentioned a few bands in the prior paragraph,if the band sound like these I leave untold as I have hardly heard any of them but I would say that they sound like the countrymen in One Without, not much but I can detect something of a similarity even though you probably would have to say that it is a simpler version of said band if you like comparisons like that, and fans of TTB don’t agree anyway and neither does fans of One Without but it is what I think I can hear. In words it can be said to be female fronted heavy rock/punk music with lots of energy, the sound is clean and modern and the songs are all catchy with a commercial vein that probably will make them sell well.

They have already have loads of attention here in Sweden with lots of airplay on public service radio channel P3 where I have never heard the band, but I think that can be because I never listen to that channel since I think it is as good a gift to humanity as HIV is. They have also been in some commercials which I have never seen thanks to the fact that I do not have a television. Fortunately I do not care anything about such things when I am to review an album because if I had I would have thrown this album away long before I even played it once because on the surface it looks like crap to be honest, inspired by skate punk and Linkin Park, and compared to commercial stuff all the time, it sounds like they were trying to sell another product and not a band.

Well, enough of the promotion for the band, the music is what I am looking at and when it comes to this album there is really nothing about the music that is wrong. The opening track is said single with rubbish video, Get Get Get which ticks all the right boxes, it is catchy, melodic, powerful and has tons of energy which makes it not only a perfect opening track, it makes it a fantastic track (if you do not see the rubbish video that is). Then I think I need to mention track four Liar Lines which is said to be the next planned single, and it would be a worthy such as it has a really good chorus and the melody is great and it is catchy as well as energetic, along with the opening it is impossible not to like this track unless you are a troglodyte black metal figure who need to hide in your cellar and hate anything that sells more than five copies, then you will probably not like these two tracks. Fact is that the entire record is filled with these great tracks and the 36 minutes the record plays for feel like they are much fewer and the album just flies through whenever you play it.

When I am speaking of tracks It would be worth mentioning track nine Laurene and the ending track Fireflies as well as these also tick all the boxes that I feel TTB is all about. Some would argue that it is way to commercial or that it sounds like anything else in the genre or whatever argument they want to bring forth, but really the genre does generally suck big time (from what I have heard that is) which this album does not, and why would being commercial be anything negative? I think this ticks all the right boxes and with the energy and everything it is impossible not to like what they offer.

But is it really all to like with this album? More or less I would say, sure the video to Get Get Get is very, very, very bad but it has really nothing to do with the music and the song is great. The singer is alright, annoying at times but does generally work really well for this kind of music so there is really nothing to complain about and therefore I can state that this belongs amongst the better albums released this year, sure it has a long way up to the greats of the year which are Sirenia but they are amongst the second best. I can recommend this album, it is really impossible not to like this album.


Label: Headlock Music/Triada
Three similar bands: One Without/Evanescence/Avril Lavigne
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm