1. Deus Ex Machina
2. Nail it Down
3. Mary-Anne
4. The Lie
5. Radicalizer
6. Calling The Demon
7. Go To Hell
8. Enter The Gun
9. Sadistico
10. Rolling Into Ruin
11. The Keepers of Doom
12. Slave
13. 24/7 Bad Ass

Alan Costa - Vocals & Guitar
Stefan Kuhn - Guitar
Michael Morgenthal- Bass
Sebastian Berg – Drums

Detonator (2008)


Produced by Taletellers and Phil Hillen
Engineered, mixed an mastered by Phil Hillen

Released 25/3-2011
Reviewed 2/6-2011


German tellers of tales are returning with a new radical album that is their second following their 2008 debut called Detonator. What it has is an interesting album cover and a radical title. A band of tellers of tales that formed after Alan Costa split his earlier band that was called Taletellers Soulsellers which makes the title so very creative and clever. Along with Stefan Kuhn this guy decided that it was time for more tale telling but not so much soul selling which is why this new band was formed and named the way it was, at least if you are to believe what I just made up. The thing about the people and names though was correct.

With such a radical title and also sort of almost epic metal warning band name it is fair to assume that it is something epic and maybe slightly progressive and symphonic that we will have to look at here, but if you think that you be wrong, very wrong. This is heavy metal, no messing around heavy metal. There are no sidetracks just plain and simple heavy metal. The production is of the rawer kind and sound almost a bit like it is a throwback from the 90s but maybe with somewhat better equipment. It also sound very German.

There are thirteen tracks of which one is an intro and is not much of a song, so we can say there are twelve songs on this album. It will keep playing for about 43 minutes if you decide to play it in its entirety. There might be accurate with a slight caution here: the songs are quite similar in style which might make these 43 minutes seem somewhat long if you are not a fan of the genre or band.

The songs on this album are straight ahead, no turns heavy metal with no real finesse to talk about. I do think that they are rather good, it is fun to listen but I do think that after you have listened you seem to forget what’s on the album rather swiftly which might not be ideal if you were expecting a timeless classic.

Another thing preventing this from being a timeless classic is of course that it sound exactly like they have just followed the instructions on how to make typical german heavy metal because that is how they sound. I have nothing against such things if there were traces of soul or personality in the band but there is really no such thing, not even in the title.

I was just a bit unfair there as there are two tracks that I really quite like, one is the track called The Lie which is the best on the album and a real smoker of a heavy metal song, catchy chorus, great melody and the energy the band would have needed on every track. Then the track called Sadistico is very good, similar in style but a bit longer and not as good but still a standout track. The rest are then just there and nothing more really, okay tracks but nothing to write home about, which is why I write to you about it.

They are not going to stand out anywhere with this kind of music as there are swarms of bands out there doing the same already and they are not just good enough to stand above these bands, they will just disappear in the german heavy metal jungle. They do show some positive signs on Radicalizer though, said tracks do make an impact so therefore I will say that this band if quite good without really shining and the status of good is only because of these two said tracks, without them it would just be a record that is okay but nothing else.

So, maybe not my tellers of tales or shall we say that the tales they tell do not fit my bill. Their stories are decent but if they really want to make it and shine in a crowd that is already massive they need to spice up their tales quite a lot.


Label - Metallville/Flying Dolphin Entertainment
Three similar bands - Taletellers Soulsellers/Judas Priest/Dokken
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm