Heathen Warrior

1. ...Og Hammeren Hæves Til Slag...
2. Heathen Warrior
3. The Ride Of Asgård
4. Heirs To The Fighte
5. Bloode To Bloode
6. Fyre & Ice
7. The Returne
8. Wolven Nights
9. Ravenhearte
10. The Valkyries Call
11. And Northern Steele Remaineth

Lars Ramcke – Vocals & Guitar
Alex Guth – Guitar
Yenz Leonhardt – Bass & Vocals
Hendrik Thiesbrummel – Drums

Possessed by Metal 7“ (2001)
Spikes & Leather 7" (2002)
Stormwarrior (2002)
Heavy Metal Fire EP (2003)
Northern Rage (2002)
At Foreign Shores – Live in Japan (2006)
Heading Northe (2008)

Mix and mastering by Tommy Hansen at Jailhouse Studios, Denmark

Released 27/5-2011
Reviewed 21/5-2011


Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Stormwarrior, the defenders of the viking oathe, the longship warriors from the northe, are back with a new albume. This time they are telling the tale of the Heathen Warrior and his adventures in the northe. Some say that he resentse the christian invasion of his realme and intends to fighte for his ways of life. Knowne for their lyrics where the men from the northe, known as vikings figure in large numbers and their inspiration from the debut album of Helloween, Stormwarrior have made a name from themselvese in the metal realme. They have founde something of an owne niche within this genre and they have some entertaining twists making them even more fun.

In the albume before they were heading northe and now the heathen warrior is debarking his longship at the northern coast at the worlde that is changing. The sails have been lowered and the ship is at porte when the heathen warrior rides on his horse along with his trusty wolves into the northern countryside. With speedy riffing and guitar duels along with catchy riffs and choruses very remnant of what Helloween made on their debut many a year ago. It is a 48 minute journey of viking stories over eleven chapters.

As ye probablye have noticed by nowe I am not brilliant at speaking or writing Stormwarrior but in honour of them I will still use their language for this reviewe. I think this is a goode and interesting albume with its catchy guitarwork, catchy melodies and general catchieness makes them an appealing bande that stays true to the olde music established by the ancients, also knowne as Helloween. This epic starts with a shorte introduction before the title songe starts, it is a hard hitting, fast flowing, catchy bit that is guaranteed to please even the most bitter of olde person. Track sixe Fyre & Ice is one fyery track that I like. I also like the track Ravenhearte and think it is worthe a mentioning here.

But all is not fame and glory or fantastic and amazing, there are some small leaks in the longship the heathen warrior arrived in. One of these problems is that the journey is a tad too longe which leads to lots of water on the deck making the feet of the warrior a bit wet which is a probleme when he arrives in the colde northe. Another thing is that the compass is broken which leads to a dilemma as to wether the warrior should remain on what he thinks is the righte course or change course to something new and amazing. The impression is that ye olde warrior does a little of bothe, which can be seen as a little of a problem.

However, wet feet and being slightly astray are not as big a problem as it might be seen as, these are only noticeable when really looking for problems. The overall sense is still that it is really good, catchy and funny in a way that almost reminds of a shark in a funny hat. The feeling is a bit like the warriors of Stormwarrior is battling their minds about what direction in which they should move, leading to a sense of the album being a bit held back. It is like they have some good developmental ideas to move faster into their own more advanced style that suit them better, but at the same time they do not want to wander too far astray from the direction set up on their debut album. So all in all we have a little of the same with some added flavour of development still with a little sense that they are holding something back on us.

So in the ende, I believe thee will see the same olde quality heavy/power/speed metal whatever you like to call it. It is really good, entertaining, and it is music that makes you happy with its raw charm and general catchieness. I think Stormwarrior was and still is a brilliant band and this is just another testament to that. Still, I do hope the next album will not feel as held back as this one but until then I have no problems playing this album. Heathen Warrior is maybe not the same warhammer strike in the face as the first album was, more of a spear poke in the stomach so the effect is almost the same and Heathen Warrior is a great album, catchy, fast and powerful is what it is, I can recommend it.

So, hear ye! hear ye! buyeth thee the nexth Stormwarrior album or face the wrath of the heathen warriors!


Label: Massacre Records
Three similar bands: Helloween/Running Wild/Gamma Ray
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm