Marching on Timeless Tales

1.Red Canyon
3.Sound Of A Whisper
5.Fool With No Denial
7.Lay Down The War
8.Give It Up
9.Winds Of Fire
10.Enter The Temple

Peter Grundström: Vocals
Jan Åkesson: Guitars
Lasse Johansson: Bass
Jens Westberg: Drums
David Lindell: Keyboard

2004: Limited Edition
2006: Reincarnation
2007: World Entry
2008: Uncharted Souls
2009: Shades Of Eternity

Produced, mxied and mastered by Jan Åkesson at UMP Unlimited Music Production Furulund, SE
Coverartwork by Carl André Beckston
Special Guest: Tommy Denander: Leadguitar on ”Winds Of Fire”

Released 1/7-2011
Reviewed 2/7-2011



Fifth album by Swedes in the band called Stonelake, I have also seen the correct spelling Stone Lake but in the promotional information they write it in the incorrect spelling. This is a band that has flown under my radar, and therefore have missed my watchful eye on the metal world. Bands like Ravenge and Whitelight are mentioned in the material as bands where the members have made their mark at one point or another, at least Jan and Peter which they write of as the founding fathers of this band. To be honest, none of these names mean anything to me and the past still has nothing really to do with the present, or maybe it has and I don’t know it. What I know is that they are labeled as Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal from Sweden.

I think that we can label this as power metal of the school that is opposing to the one that was formed by Helloween, it is a bit more dark in tone, the tempo is lower and the music is a bit heavier. There is one thing in common in the comparison Helloween power metal and Stonelake and that is the high pitched vocalist, even though the voice is slightly more constrained when it comes to Stonelake and it also do take a bit higher ground in terms of the musical. The music is often very much dominated by the vocals. The production which is made by guitarist Jan Åkesson is competent and focused towards lifting the elements that signify the band. We have 45 minutes of music and ten tracks on this album.

One striking thing about this album is the cover artwork which is quite progressive and suggestive of a bit more epic and dreamy music than the one we actually get. There are a few tracks though that feel a bit in line with the cover artwork, one of those being opening track Red Canyon which brings you into this album and present you to the high pitched vocals, the tempo and also an epic side we don’t see that much of though. Speaking of tracks I can also mention the track Snakechild which could have been an advance single for this band, though that is nothing these bands do anyway but it is a little more to the point and straightforward than most on this album and it has a powerful chorus as well, something of a hit song. It is also one of the best tracks on the album.

I think overall that this album hold a very high level of quality, the songs have a lot of power and character, much thanks to the help of some great vocal work but also really good musicianship and songwriting. The songs grab you even though they are in the mid tempo tempo range rather than more fast paced and catchy hit based style of power metal which is more common in the European style.

One can actually state that this band adhere to something that can be called a Swedish style of power metal, kind of like Dream Evil or Nocturnal Rites. A bit heavier, slower and darker but still with catchieness and energy despite a lower tempo.

All is not as brilliant though, the quality spread of the album is a bit odd since the best songs are all at the beginning of the album, the second half see a considerable drop in quality compared to the first half of the album. Still that half has good music, the only catch is that is not as good as the first half of the album.

This album was quite a surprise to me as I have not really ever heard about this band at all. But with their very competent power metal that has a lot of character and the songs stick with even though they are of a mid tempo character rather than a faster hit based one. I recommend Stonelake to anyone who like bands like Dream Evil or Masterplan. Marching on Timeless Tales is strongly recommended.




Label: Massacre Records
Three imilar bands: Dream Evil/Masterplan/Beyond Twilight
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
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