Stone Antica

01. Hypnotizer
02. Wily, Tricky, Foxy, Sharp
03. On Your Way
04. Right On
05. They’ll Strike You Out
06. Slip Away
07. Trigger
08. Sun
09. A Quick Draw
10. You
11. Counting the Days

Martin Sommansson
Edvin Egir
Jon Liedberg
David Sätermo



All tracks mixed and mastered by Roger Bergsten, Nevo Studios
Cover art by Russ Mills, Byroglyphics.

Released 1/9-2011
Reviewed 26/8-2011



Stone Antica hail from a small nation in the north called Sweden, a nation most known for being confused with Switzerland. Now a band called Stone Antica want to change that and be remembered for their music. They are releasing their first album now the first of september, they are doing on their own with no record label as backing so you will have to look at their website to buy a real CD of their album. This debut album is named the same way as the band which is a natural way to start releasing album, with the self titled one. The album also has an interesting looking artwork but surely the band has to work a bit on their logo, it is not particularly interesting.

Stone Antica’s music is compared to big names within the funk rock genre, a genre the band can be said to belong to. Their music is based in the funk rock genre but they are a bit heavier with rougher riffs and louder songs as they themselves state. I do think that is a good description of how the band sound: modern funky rock music is what it is. There are eleven tracks on the album, I don’t know how long the album is but I would guesstimate that it is somewhere just above the 40-minute mark. The production is good and feels alive maybe that is thanks to the fact that the drums were recorded in a wooden cottage somewhere on the countryside. They did record in that cottage because they were looking for a warmer sound and maybe that is what is heard in the production.

I do like this album, the sound and production holds a high quality. The same can be said about the vocals and many other parts of this album. It was an album where I had many arguments with myself regarding what rating I was to give this album. I was first thinking in terms of giving it five points but then was leaning towards the four and I have been going back and forth arguing the points in my mind and finally decided for four. This was due to the album being a bit uneven.

This album is in its best moments quiet brilliant but in most moments it feels just good and nothing else. The second track Wily, Tricky, Foxy, Sharp is my favourite track of the album, it has a really good melody and is a good song all way through. There are some other smaller highlights to spice up the journey through the album slightly. There are no poor tracks, they are all good although most do not really manage to grab my attention.

I would say that this is a very good debut, it is good music and the production is excellent. I am sure that fans of the said similar bands will find a real treat in this album. I am not a fan of the genre but there are some decent things within that as well and Stone Antica for me definitely belongs to those who do decent things. It is also a debut that show a lot of promise for a future career which I suppose the band can have as they are that good, easily. The main downfall, if we can talk of such, is the quite one sided group of songs, there are as I stated before some highlights but really too few for me to give a higher rating for the album.

So in the end I would say that this is a good album, brilliant in its best moments, that will appeal very much to the fans of the genre and maybe not as much for the rest of us. But it shows a lot of promise for the future and I think that Stone Antica will be a name to count in the future. With the right promotion this album will be a success, it is stylistically very right.




Label: Self released
Three similar bands: Red Hot Chili Peppers/Audioslave/Kings of Leon
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
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