Sofia Talvik
E - Part Four of L.O.V.E

1. 7 Miles Wide
2. The Garden
3. If I Had a Man
4. Lower Case Letters

Sofia Talvik

2005 - Blue Moon
2007 - Street of Dreams
2007 - Street of Dremix
2008 - Jonestown
2010 - Florida
2010 - Florida Acoustic
2011 - L
2011 - O
2011 - V


Produced by: Marcus Högquist
Music & Lyrics by Sofia Talvik

Released 1/11-2011
Reviewed 9/12-2011


Now then, lets have a look at the fourth and last of the Love quadrology by Sofia Talvik, it is called E as is the last letter in L.O.V.E. As has been customary for this series there is a reflected one by a metal band which in this case is Akribi, the last letter is E and the cover art is quite similar between the L.O.V.E and the H.A.T.E which is not the case with the earlier parts in this series. This series of electronic EPs that have been sort of co produced by the fans, or at least in part financed by Sofia’s fans. I think a thank you to all those fans directed from us at Hallowed is in order. So far this series has been a very interesting one, the most interesting thing though might be that this rock webzine has enjoyed the parts by Sofia more than the rock versions of her songs. But to be fair, no regular reader of this zine should really be surprised and you probably expected that I would write lion tamer here. But moving on, this is just like before a four song EP which is just like the ones before, and it is the final one in the series. So what about this ending? Well, that is what I am about to explain, be patient.

Musically it follows in the footsteps of the earlier parts, I have not heard the first one but seen to the other ones it is a bit in the same fashion. The prior one was slightly more electronic, this is more similar to the second part called O. Sure they differ slightly due to different producers and differently written songs, but Sofia’s song writing and her voice is there as is like earlier. The sound is great and laid back, it is a sort of relaxed pop musical feel to it, maybe not the most likely thing that we review here at the hallowed webzine. As I stated before this EP, like the earlier ones, has four tracks, it plays for sixteen minutes. As it has been before there is a good variation to the songs which also makes it a pretty decent variation if you decide to play all the EPs as one album.

Of the three EPs I have heard with Sofia Talvik now, this is the second best after O, the third one was almost as good but not quite. This one is more acoustic and more basic pop music, it has also more or less the same touch I think as the second part, sure the variation due to a different producer is there but it is not that big a difference. The four tracks on this EP as all rather good with the second being the worst one and the opener and especially the last track Lowe Case Letters are the best ones. I would say that it is a good ending to the EP but also to the entire series this Lowe Case Letters song, this is where Sofia shows here brilliance again, I really enjoy her work with this EP and have enjoyed the parts that I have heard.

I really hope she does put it all together into a complete album as these four EPs should rise to even greater glory if combined into an album, I think the variation over the EPs and the quality of the songs make this an ideal choice in order to make a fantastic album. Well, guess well see about that but if you want you can create you own album by combining them all in your digital music player like crytunes or some other one. So with this final part along with the E part from Akribi this project is coming to an end for Sofia, and it comes to an end in a very good way.I guess that you could say that this puts a great final period to the story of L.O.V.E.



Label: Makaki Records/Triada
Three similar bands: Akribi/G.A.I.N./Ball of Mayhem
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Recensent: Daniel Källmalm

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