Six Reasons to Kill
Architects of Perfection

1. Welcome To Forever
2. My Bitterness
3. False Absolution
4. Perfection
5. Awaken
6. My Poison
7. Day Of The Apocalypse
8. Scum Belongs To Scum
9. Wandering Stars
10. Buried To The Sea

Lars Tekolf – Vocals
Marco Andree – Guitars
Loc Tran – Guitars
Florian Dürr – Drums
Matthias Machenheimer – Bass

Kiss The Demon (2000)
Morphology of Fear split with Absidia (2001)
Split CD with Deadlock (2003)
Reborn (2005)
Another Horizon (2008)

Kurt Ebelhäuser
Kristian Kohlmannslehner

Produced at Kohlekeller studio by Kristian ‘Kohle’ Kohlmannslehner

Released 28/1-2011
Reviewed 2/2-2011


Funny band name there, and a funny and ambitious title for this, their fifth album. With a title like that one can actually imagine that the band has really shot for perfection and that can never be bad, can it? Well, unfortunately the criteria for perfection differs quite a bit from personal definition so I had no choice but listening to this album just like all other albums and then analyse and present my findings to you.

My first finding about this album was that it has a zombie on the cover, something that usually indicates that it is not that interesting as zombies are quite boring, try talking to one and you’ll see for yourself. The band name in itself is not that wise to have either, there are usually many more reasons to kill or not to kill but there were some warning signals appearing with this album, I have been around for long enough to know almost from titles and looks what it is I am about to hear when I play the album and I am usually close to spot on in that regard and I was more or less so with this album as well.

Musically it is something called in the promotional information, Metalcore, I have also read Deathcore and similar descriptions for them. I think that one description is to say that they on this album play extreme metal with hardcore influences which of course mean heavy riffing, hard drumming and growling song for most of the album. They do have a melodic touch and also some calmer parts but it is mainly very heavy and powerful throughout the near 48 minutes the record lasts.

I find myself after listening to this album satisfied in the regard that I placed their style so close by just seeing the cover and reading the band name and album title, but from that I should state that I am not exactly thinking about being a fan of the band, not even close really. I should also say that the similar bands might be a bit off since they are bands that I have just taken the names from stuff I have read about the band so don’t blame me if I have it a bit wrong.

With that said I think there are things that the band do very well, such as the calmer song My Poison which is mainly the reason for me not feeling even less interested in the band, it is a really good song with clean vocals and good melody and an overall good feel. And that is not the only thing either, the production is really good with an audio feel that is really good. But then I am more or less out of positives to say about this band, they feel a bit like any other band, they have really nothing to really lift them above the other in the genre which have to be seen as a requirement to be good.

Sure, fans of the band or genre may disagree with me but they are of course wrong since I was engineered to perfection which gives me the right. But seriously, fans of the genre ought to enjoy it since it is well produced and has a lot of power and energy to it but I just cannot say the same since I hear a lot of music close to this in feel of quality and originality and it often sound just as expressionless as this.

I cannot find six reasons to kill this band as they do what they do in a decent way but I can assure you there are much better architects of perfection within music or even this genre out there and you’d do better if you find any of these instead.


Label - Massacre Records
Three similar bands - Born of Osiris/Job for a Cowboy/Caliban
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm