Legacy of Ashes

01. Herd Of Damnation
02. Into The Blind World
03. The Enemy Of My Enemy
04. Anatomie Of A Catastrophe
05. The Sin Of Sodomy
06. Legacy Of Ashes
07. The Hornet's Nest
08. Righteous Indignations
09. The Living Sacrifice

Vocals: Adrie Kloosterwaard
Guitar: Alex Paul
Bass: Bas van den Boogaard
Drums: Edwin van de Eeden

Cross The Styx (1992)
Diabolical Summoning (1993)
Hate (1995)
Bastard Saints MCD (1996)
Aggressive Measures (1998)
Creative Killings (2001)
Savage or Grace (2003)
Afterburner (2006)
The Silent Howling (2008)

Produced at Soundlodge Studio with Jörg Uken

Released 17/12-2010
Reviewed 11/1-2011


Dutch death metallers are back with a new album, an album that goes by the name of Legacy of Ashes and features a cover with just enough evil and gore for it to be a true death metal album I would say. A true death metal album usually means rubbish music though so what about this band?

Well, they are musically parked in the death metal genre with all that entail of heavy evil riffing, dark growling vocals and a natural feel of brutality in all of the music. It has a clean modern production however, which makes it sound much more majestic and powerful than death metal usually do. Death metal usually has a rather hallow and empty sound which makes it more sleep creating than anything else.

There are nine tracks on this album and it has a playing time of about 37 minutes which is in all cases a good playing time as it is not too much of music which makes it bearable as a longer record would have made me a bit more hostile. Overall I think these nine tracks are good, maybe decent is the right word but it lacks a bit of variation as the vocals mainly feel quite dull and it rubs off to the songs.

There are also no real hit song among these nine tracks, three stand out a little at least, The Enemy of My Enemy is a good song I can recall quite well. The title track feels a bit fair to mention as well and the same goes for the opening track which is quite good. These tracks are no hits however, they are just slightly better than the rest of the tracks.

I would say that this album is okay all way through, it feels solid and good but as I said it has no hits and a record with no hits is good but never fantastic. Therefore, I would say that this is a quite good album but it has some shortcomings in not having these hit songs and that is something that will plague this record as it can never quite standout as there is no hit to explain what this band is about.

In the end I would say that this record is not a bad one in any way, it is decent with decent tracks and I would even call it everyday music, like something you hear all the time. Some people would probably call it average, but I say that the modern production makes it worth you while to listen to, but nothing more after that I hope.


Label - Massacre Records
Three similar bands - Suffocation/Cannibal Corpse/Deicide
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm