1. Morte
2. C02
3. Evil Never Sleeps
4. Three Finger Man
5. Damage Done
6. Evil Good
7. HF
8. Hear Me
9. Eternal Glory
10. Raging Eyes
11. Still a Rocker
12. Rot

Ola Berg - Guitar
Mats Hjerp - Drums
Fredrik Hall - Bass
Esa Englund - Vocals

2002: Covers from hell
2005: EP
2007: Evil never sleeps

Mixing and Mastering by Markus Teske at Bazement Studio
Cover artwork and booklet by Julian Iliev

Released 19/8-2011
Reviewed 1/9-2011


Silver dollars, not really the currency of the day, well it would be for the day we are speaking of if it was the era when people wore hats and boots and were riding horses (horsebacks for americans) instead of driving cars. A time when there were duels on the streets and everyone had a gun (not much of that has changed) and horses were parked outside the saloons. That was the time of the silver dollar, not this time when we are hardly using hard currency anymore. They have not really managed the most interesting album cover either, it looks rather challenged and handicapped, maybe indicative of what we are getting on the album.

I would say that the style of the cover is indicative of the style of the album, quite ordinary heavy/power metal which bare traces of the big ones within the genre. The band does not really thread any new ground despite the propaganda ridden track that open the album, the mix and master is done by well-known producer Markus Teske who has done a good job with that part and the sound is what it should be. Order of tracks on this album seem to be a matter of debate, Massacre gives one suggestion in the promo information and another in the order of the tracks they supplied us with and I have not found any record store with a list of tracks and the review sites give different suggestions along the lines I have seen. I have listed the order of the tracks as they were given to me in this review because it seemed most logical, at least it starts more logical than the other suggestion. I think you can hear that this band started out as a cover band as the traces of the influential bands in the genre is often quite common throughout the album.

In my copy of this album it starts with a speaker saying how we must cut carbon emissions, an environmentalist who has forgotten that there are much worse problems than the release of CO2, kill off a billion people and the emissions will lower when they longer emit CO2 from breathing. I have no idea if this is a plea to us to lower our emissions or not, but I think such propaganda in songs are as bad as all other religious stuff. I will not stop driving just because someone tries to tax me out of it, if it gets to expensive I will just quit working and live on welfare from what the taxpayer’s money. Anyway, besides a stupid theme this opening song is really good, it has a nice feel to it.

From there on there is not much to merit any significant investment of silver dollars to get this album. The songs are quite similar and the twelve of them will take fifty four minutes to get through and believe me, that is at least ten too much as you are quite mindful of everything but the music of this band at that point and you will also probably be quite bored from listening to the same thing over and over. Sure that last thing is a bit of an exaggeration but there is a problem in similitude coming to this album and that is something not quite positive for this album.

Sure, you who are really into the power metal genre will probably like this but I don’t think there is much else for us to invest our hard earned silver dollars. The songs are not bad though but they just don’t do anything for me and at best they are an hours worth of good background music.

Therefore I think it is not worth more than a handful of silver dollars, but if you want it you will have to worry before it melts thanks to global warming.




Label: Massacre Records
Three similar bands: Judas Priest/U.D.O./Iron Maiden
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
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