Silver Lake

1. Before The Storm
2. Help Me To Fight The Rain
3. Break
4. Life (feat. Michele Luppi)
5. Slave To The Grind (Skid Row Cover)
6. Holy Affinity
7. Meet You Again
8. Silver Lake

Davide Bertozzi - vocals
Luigi Rignanese - Bass
Riccardo Fabbri - Keyboards
Giovanni Matichecchia - guitars
Andrea Urbinati - drums


Simone Mularoni
Gabriele Ravagliaand
Michele Luppi

Produced and arranged by Silver Lake
Recorded at Fear Studio by Simone Mularoni, Maxx C. Canali and Gabriele Ravaglia
Excepting vocals recorded by Michele Luppi at MiLu's Rock Lab II
Editing by Michele Luppi and Simone Mularoni
Mixing and mastering by Simone Mularoni and Gabriele Ravaglia (Fear Studio)
Artwork by SG Records Design Studio
Original artwork idea by Silver Lake
Art Director - Davide Bertozzi
Photos by Valentina Ariemma

Released 2011-01-14
Reviewed 2011-01-22


Italian band Silver Lake has a kind of stupid name, they are quite hard to find on the interweb if you do not know their wesite location if you do a search they do not show up, which feel kind of unwise to be honest. More that strike me is that the band has an interesting record cover that awaken a kind of curiosity in my mind.

This band feature a cover of Skid Row, their well-known song called Slave to the Grind is the one that is covered. The band also has a guest appearance by some fellow countrymen one of them from Vision Divine which is a band I know a bit from the past and it is a band that the band sound a little bit like.

In the promotional information for this band it is said that they adhere to the typical americal school of progressive hard’n’heavy which might be true but I think that it sounds very italian. It has this classical italian heavy metal accent that is heard in so many of the italian bands, they also have the sound and melody that italian band usually have, all in all they sound very italian. If I were to namedrop I would state that this band sound quite a lot like Vision Divine.

This album starts with a song that is called Before the Storm which does not really feel like a good starting track, it does not awaken my interest, it does not feel like it wants to lead me into the album, it is a decent track but it is not good enough to create an immediate positive response to the album. The following track is slightly better but it suffers from the same symptom, it does not make me interested and it does not feel that good either. This album feels mainly tired, like there is no real energy or power from this band. The cover track, Slave to the Grind is really quite good and is the real treat of this album when the rest feel tired and uninspired.

It is not that the album is bad or poorly made in any way, all things are solidly made and no song is bad, the sound is interesting and all of that but the songs are not that solid, not any hit songs that can really create that interest that a really good album do create. This album though does mostly feel tired not that enthusiastic as you would hope for, not that spirit as you find in the really good albums.

Mostly this band feel quite average, like a band that mostly just fill the pool of their genre mates. Sure they do have an interesting atmosphere and show that there is something there. They do not feel poor and bad in any way but when the best song on their album is one made by another band you cannot really be all that positive, can you?

In the end I can state that Silver Lake will be another one of those band that will just be put in the big pile of uninterest now that it has been reviewed. I will however save Slave to the Grind on my little music machine.


Label - SG Records/7Hard/Rock n Growl
Three similar bands - Vision Divine/Dream of Illusion/Skid Row
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm