Seven Thorns
Return to the Past

1. Liberty
2. End of the Road
3. Through the Mirror
4. Freedom Call
5. Countdown
6. Forest Majesty
7. Spread Your Wings
8. Fires and Storms
9. Return to the Past

Lars Borup - Drums
Gabriel Tuxen - Guitars
Christian B. Strøjer - Guitars
Asger W. Nielsen - Keyboards
Nicolaj Marker - Bass
Erik "EZ" Blomkvist - vocals
Mik Holm - Composer

Glow of Dawn (a.k.a. The False Album, released under the name 7thorns) (2007)

Mikkel Henderson - keyboards
Olaf Lenk - guitar solo

Peter Brander - Recordings and mixing
Tommy Hansen - Mastering

Released 23/11-2010
Reviewed 17/1-2011


Well, it seems like the thorns made this album remain unreviewed for a while and it is another one of the 2010 records that has not been reviewed before now. Seven Thorns is a Danish band with only one remaining original member from the start, and also are returning to what they wanted to do in the first place, at least according to what it says on the record label’s website and what the title seem to suggest. I have not heard the prior album so I cannot say anything about that thing or the differences between them.

Another thing that is interesting about this album is that the band has managed to enlist the help of musicians from At Vance and Evil Masquerade as guest soloists/musicians on this album which could indicate that it is a good album that these musicians like or maybe they are just friends.

Musically it is what you would expect considering the genre, melodic pretty fast paced metal with distinctive choruses with choirs and all of that. Clean and crisp production a high pitched vocalist and the five minute songs which is more or less exactly what you could expect from reading the promo information. That however, does not have to be a problem since much standard power metal is quite good, sure there are as much in the other end of the scale as well but that is something we do not need to take here.

I think this album is quite good at first glance, it starts with what is probably the best song that is called Liberty which is also the video track which is also the track where Olaf Lenk of At Vance is guest appearing and doing a guitar solo. Another good track is the one called Freedom Call which is track four. Neither of these mentioned tracks however is any real hit songs that really blows your mind like Land of the Light or Heaven Or Hell or any other of those power metal smokers.

It is fortunate that this album is not longer than 44 minutes as it would probably been a bit long towards the end in that case. But despite the missing hit songs my attitude towards this album is a positive one, not an overly positive one but a positive one nonetheless. Despite this I think this will be another one of those albums that are quite good but still end up in the big pile of albums reviewed that did not make enough of an impression to remain played in my stereo when the review is written.

This is an album with sing-along choruses, excellent clean production, good songs and everything but it is still another one of those album that lacks the final edge that make it stand out and my final impression is that this one is just another one of those albums that are well made but with something missing.


Label - Nightmare Records/Massacre Promotion/Rock n Growl
Three similar bands - At Vance/Evil Masquerade/Avantasia
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm