Strange Ways of Getting Home

1. View Into Blur
2. I Hate NY
3. Run
4. One Thing
5. So
6. Rocket To Somewhere
7. Carpets
8. Bitterness
9. Gods Are Laughing
10. Superhero Smash Hit Wonder
11. Remaining Days
12. All Quiet
13. So (Unplugged)

Boris Pillmann (Vocals)
Guido Dobrautz (Guitars)
Bernd Siedler (Guitars)
Bill Peckham (Bass)
Hakan Cetin (Drums)

Moving across any surface (2005)
Any place in space (EP 2008)



Released 7/10-2011
Reviewed 25/10-2011


Now… let… me… tell… you… about… an… album… from… a… band… called… Sep.. 7… ember… oh, fuck. That was really exhausting on my "push-the-dot-key-finger", it really worn out my poor finger. So why the hell do I start my review by writing like that? Well, I'll pass that question on to Sep7ember (is that pronounced "Sepsevenember" or "sepsiebenember" or "sep-seven-ember" or perhaps just "september" I wonder). How come you start an album with singing this way through the entire first song? Don't you realize how annoying it is?

Whatever they're called, these "September-wanna-be's", here is their second full-length album and the Germans have chosen to call it 'Strange Ways of Getting Home'. My guess is that the reason why they take these strange ways home is because they hate New York. And London. And Berlin… And Tokyo… At least according to what they say themselves in the song I Hate NY. They also say that they hate the city they live in (probably New York when they wrote the song… then London. And Berlin… and Tokyo). They hate the city they live in so much they just keeps running until they reach a rocket taking them somewhere. All this while the gods laugh at them (not with them).

There's absolutely nothing wrong with the music on this album, but the lyrics are quite idiotic to be frank (not Frank, he probably enjoys his 3D illustration service). And the vocals overall is the weakest link, they sound pretty much like a false tuned guitar - just a little bit off pretty much everywhere. Sure, it has its moments where it's pretty okay, but then every now and then it's just wrong either in timing, tone or just weirdly sung. Like my example from the first song where he sings every word for word except for in the chorus. However, I wouldn't say it completely lacks quality, mr Boris Pillmann who does the vocals has a voice that reminds me pretty much of a collaboration between every Beatles members voice. Somewhat fragile, somewhat old fashion and just a little bit of British indie rock over it. And the music is also somewhat related to this. In my ears I think this qualify as a somewhat calmer rock music, quite similar to REM before they had their break through. Or like Ed Kowalcvzyk did when he sung in Live if he had sung a bit off and the band distorted their guitars a few steps. Now I know most of you metal heads out there is scratching your heads in ignorance because you don't have any clue about any of these bands sounds like, not to say how a collaboration between them would sound, there's a simple explanation that will make you understand completely: Stop being so ignorant for what's good music and look beyond your boundaries!

The guitars are quite unnecessarily much distorted on 'Strange Ways of Getting Home' and they often play these short thump-thump-thump-ish tones. The bass is what I like the best, almost completely unbearable for our ears, it still pulls the music forward all the time like if it were a tractor pulling a trailer full of broken furniture. The melodies is something else I really like on this album, they are very creative and clever, it's just too bad the vocalist thinks he's some sort of artist, singing his own imaginary vocal melodies that's completely off compared to the music (at least most of the time on this album). The music is quite varied, without taking it too far, and I think the material is interesting as the band is trying a lot of different things with their instruments as well as their song-writing. They're quite obviously not afraid to make some noise - they throw these obscene guitar sounds on us and let them flip and somersault all over the place like acrobats with their hands tied to the feet. I have a good time listening to this album, but I don't always think it's the best album I've heard. It's nice and have a good flow but… well, I've already said what I don't like about it.

Sep7ember gives us a very decent album but it's a bit too much all over the place, sprawling at every direction and I don't really like that. Some things I like very much, some I don't at all and the good just takes this album to a somewhat stronger approved. But I liked the adventure, it was interesting to hear!


Label: SPV/Playground
Three similar bands: Live/Slaves To gravity/REM
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Recensent: Caj Källmalm

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