01. Age of Splendour
02. Storms
03. Dominion
04. Dream Vessel
05. Ceremonial March
06. Unseeing Divine
07. Incantation of the lost continent
08. Procession Through Flesh

Stefan Lundgren – Guitar/Vocals
Anders Exo Ericson - Guitar
Erik Arkö - Bass
Calle Bäckström - Drums



Mixed, mastered and partly recorded at Necromorbus Studio

Released 13/5-2011
Reviewed 19/5-2011

vicisolum productions

A web search for sectu conjures up a list where the first hit is for SECTU which stands for South East Counter Terrorism Unit of the Thames Valley Police in London. They work as a part of the national ongoing response to terrorism, in line with the Home Office counter terrorism strategy, known as CONTEST. Isn’t it just brilliant how these abbreviations of the intelligence agencies tend to turn out funnily? I have one of these abbreviations for the music that Sectu play and that is BARF and what that stand for you will know if you continue reading (see what I did there).

Sectu the band which is not to be confused with the other thing is a Swedish band with members from Mörk Gryning and CB Murdoc to name a few and they are said to be one of the best Swedish death metal albums for years. They do play death metal 101, it is aggressive, brutal, hard hitting, fast, with growling grunty vocals and all of that. The production is also according to the standard format, not much to say about it really. What I can say is that this album has eight tracks and that you will need just over thirty minutes to play it in its entirety. It has a green cover.

I think much death metal and extreme metal in general has a real problem in making the music work as it tend to become just a massive wall of sound or a racket if you prefer that word. That makes it aggressive and brutal but it does not become or feel heavy as the layer upon layer just make it into a racket. This is true for Sectu who feel much less heavy than for instance Hammerfall that I reviewed just yesterday and this layer upon layer thing was also said by Fredrik of Hammerfall when I interviewed him, it was true about Hammerfall and it is also true of Sectu. The thing is, the elements in themselves may be one thing like brutal and fast shredding riffs, aggression in vocals and drums, all of these elements should then work together well and complement one another, for Sectu and many other bands in the genre my feeling is that they rather cancel each other out and in the end we have a rather monotone racket remaining. Remember the earlier abbreviation, it stands for: Brutal, Aggressive, Rackety Foolishness.

I am sure that this band work really well for those that are into this kind of music, which I am not, I can not really compare how they stand up to other bands in the genre regarding quality either but I have seen some decent reviews and good ones for the band so I guess they are alright for what they do which apparently is something I don’t care that much for. It is just too one-dimensional, too dull, too much of a racket and more of a wall of noise than something I enjoy listening to. Some say that it is technical death metal and that it appeals to fans of Nile, all we know is that it is called Inundate.

In the end though there is another abbreviation that fits the category of this album and that is DULL, what that stands for you will have to guess for yourself and maybe you will find the answer in a later review at some later date.


Label: Vicisolum Productions/Sound Pollution
Three similar bands: Necromicon/Mörk Gryning/Sobre Nocturne
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm