All Eyes to the Sky

1. Routine
2. Malfunction
3. Magnetar
4. Cough It Up, Spit It Out
5. Daisycutter
6. Backgroundnoise
7. State of Medication
8. Brainstatic
9. Fake It
10. The Crippling Side Effects of A Near Life Experience
11. Tranceplant

Robert - Gitaar
Jan - Bass, Vocals
Pierric - Drums


recorded and nixed by Jan Switters and Scarmachine at Studio Landscape /Gauw
Mastered by Alan Ward

Released: 2010
Reviewed: 3/1-2011

vincit ventures

Dutch band Scarmachine is my first one out in 2011 and also the first one out from record label Vincit Ventures Recordings. It is actually a whole load of firsts for this record as it is also this band’s first album, a debut that is.

It is a record that looks kind of interesting with a good looking cover and also an interesting title, bandname is not that interesting though and same goes for it being the first release of a new label, that is usually something that can be a bit poor. But the band is dutch and it has an interesting cover which makes it interesting nonetheless, the question was just that weather it is as interesting musically as it would seem at fist glance.

It is something of a surprise musically as it does not sound dutch in the way I thought it would. It sounds rather like some spacious extreme metal in the vain of bands like Mammutant or Alchemist and that of course means that they are a bit hard to place geographically. Vocal parts are usually in the darker part of the spectrum throughout the album which consist of eleven tracks and just over 40 minutes of music so the length of the record in minutes is good enough.

The music starts with a track called Routine which is a track about daily routine and it really conveys the feel of the madness and boredom of having daily routines, I don’t like it and neither should anyone else really. But back to the record now, after this track are ten more tracks which are maybe not quite as good or I might just fall out of interest thanks to the tracks feeling too similar.

It is like the album floats together the further you get into it and you sort of feel like there are good intentions wasted with this album, the thing they should have done in my opinion is to vary themselves more, throw in a bit of change and have tracks that are not so similar, this could be achieved quite easily with the help of just varying the vocal style a bit more.

Still, this record is a debut and it is in no way bad, I would say it is good but not great or something like that. It has something but it misses something else and my first album reviewed this new year will have to receive a rating in the exact middle of the scale (how boring is that?).


Label - Vincit Venture Recordings
Three similar bands - Mammutant/Alchemist/Cynic
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm