Saturday Night's Strike

1. 247365
2. Scandinavian Girls
3. Party Mood
4. Blackout Midnight
5. Fuck Yeah
6. Dirty Dirty
7. We Give it All
8. Lets Rock n roll
9. Nice Boys
10. Won't be Back
11. All the Way
12. So Long

Abben "Joker Wild" - Drums
Chris Highlander "Pink Cowboy" - Solo guitar
Dave Ziggera "The Party Police" - Vocals, rhythm guitar, piano & harmonica
Zeb "Beer Bandit" - Bass



Mixed by Svein Jensen
Mastred by Göran Finnberg

Released 25/3-2011
Reviewed 8/3-2011


Party Rock, that is what we are talking about when we are talking about Saturday Night’s Strike. They convey their party mood from their music and their shows with all kinds of stuff apparently. Their lyrical subjects as well as the stuff in the CD-cover show this party atmosphere the band want to share with their listeners. Personally I am not that interested in party or party music since the first one is my idea of hell and the second one is often simplistic and gets dull quite fast. I guess the latter works well though if you are a fan of the former.

Simplicity is the lead word when we are looking at the music from SNS, they have simple song structures with typical rock chords and guitar lines, there are some harmonica and piano involved in the music as well but the majority is simplistic rock music aimed at the party going audience. The production also enhances this since it is not overly polished and gives a feel of energy but without being too rough, you might actually say they have done jus enough with the sound to make it a bit partyish. The vocals are also in the same mood as the music a voice that is not overly polished and with a hint of a coarseness, maybe from whiskey. The soundscape is actually more or less the general one for the partyish rock music genre, there is not that many things that differs from the established image of this genre.

This album starts with a track called a combination of numbers which stand for the amount of partying this band like to do. It is a high paced, high energy track without any deviations, just straight ahead rock’n’roll. Next track which is called Scandinavian Girls is more of this, with high energy and simplicity they sing about our scandinavian partying girls. The third track is also a bit more of this, it is also the single and video track of the album. I think though, that the band could have used more or less any track as a single track as they are quite similar all of them, well made energetic party tracks. The only track that deviate a bit is the ending track that is a semi-ballad built around the piano.

The main problem of this album for me as a listener is the 50 minute playing time, it is a bit long when the album has a variation deficiency which make the last fifteen or so minutes a bit hard to remain interested in. I think a 35 minute playing time would have been quite excellent for an album like this, because then the high energy would not change into monotony towards the end, you might say you find yourself overdosing on party rock when you listen to the album and that is almost as bad as overdosing something else.

For parties though, this music works well for the drunken haze or whatever else that occur at party time. The music is simple enough to understand even when the listener has drunken him-/herself to stupidity but I guess that is the point of the music, to be simple and used for just this.

I however loathe parties and do not need music that can be understood by a drunken idiot, I find that this simplicity becomes a bit too much, almost like solving the sudoku puzzle any regular newspaper, it takes a few second and then you are bored again, I need more of a challenge in my musical endeavours even though I can enjoy simplistic music for a while but the while this album goes on is too long. So it does not work for listening, neither does it work for driving, I do like simpler music when I drive but I tend to prefer heavier music or pop music for driving, rock or partyrock does not work well while I drive. And just as something to have in the background, well it is better that way but even for that I want something a bit less simple. This album is quite good though no doubt but it has no real use on my part.

But to sum it all up, it is an excellent piece to have at the party, maybe for the summer’s barbecue or whatever else party opportunity that arise, so if you need party music it is a good choice, a very good even. If you as me loathe parties and instead look for something to just enjoy and listen to, there are really many choices out there that are much better.


Label - Dead Tree Music
Three similar bands - Mötley Crüe/Posion/Bai Bang
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm