Run the Streets

1. Stand up (For your rights)
2. We got your love
3. Run the streets
4. Friends
5. Rock & roll stars
6. Bullet in your heart
7. Girls
8. Empty words
9. Dont wanna get around
10. The gambler

Jose Sanchez – Vocals
Kieven Klevmyr – Guitars
Marc White – Bass
Mr.Drumhead – Drums

Sanchez (2007)
Nightride (2009)

produced by the band

Released 27/5-2011
Reviewed 23/5-2011


The band called Sanchez is not what they appear to be, at least they are not from where they appear to be. The band fronted by a guy called Sanchez and something as first name is from Sweden rather than Mexico or something in that fashion. They do not go wild on the spanish guitar either, they are a classical rock band, maybe a melodic such if you read what the label state. This is also what the album cover seem to state, some kind of AOR or something like that, it is not a good looking album cover I should say. However, the logo of the band look rather okay.

It is musically quite standardised rock music in terms of song structures and melodies, the choruses are distinct and clear and the verses are energetic. I think the band show signs of an energetic musical performance with the songs of this album. Speaking of songs, there are ten of them on this album, they take slightly less than 42 minutes to play through and they are named in standard rock names which actually adds to the sensation that this band will have a hard time standing out on looks alone.

The production is made by the band themselves which is something pointed out in the promotional information. I think that the production is the biggest problem of this album, I would clearly not want to put my name on something like that but that’s just me. The sound is really sort of mouldy, it sounds like they were standing and playing inside an aquarium while the recording microphones were outside the glass making the sound sort of muffled or like it is played through speakers that is so laden with mould that they will fail at any time. This is by far the biggest issue of this album, the sound is just rubbish to be honest and that is a bit of a sad thing as the songs are not really half bad. Next time they should really look into finding a good producer to help them with their sound, it usually helps.

The opening track Stand Up (For Your Rights) is a decent track despite the poor sound but I still feel as though being a bit robbed of what could have been, it is clear that the full potential of the band is not being achieved whit the aquarium sound. The third track is the title track and it is also quite good but again I am bothered by the sound which also make the singer sound completely without character. I don’t think that he is that characterless but the production is making him sound like he is.

I am not saying that Sanchez is terrible, or awful or anything like that but they do leave a lot to be desired to be honest. The songs in themselves feel like they are rather okay but the poorness of the sound make everything feel less good than it really is. Sure it is not terrible or anything, it is decent but there are very many bands that are as good or better than this band which makes it just one more release amongst all the others. It is decent but really nothing else.

All in all I think the album is decent, it works okay and if you enjoy bands like Danger Danger or the likes of them I believe that this will work alright for you as well. I on my part think that melodic rock is supposed to have crystal clear production and pollution in the sound. This band does not have either, they have pollutions as well as unclear production. I can’t help but wonder if they was going for this kind of sound but it would be strange and no matter if they did or not, it does not appeal to me as I am allergic to productions of this kind.

If you enjoy music that sound like it is being played out of an aquarium, then this is the album for you, I will look elsewhere for my kicks from the melodic rock genre though. Sanchez’s Run the Streets is an okay album, nothing else.


Label: 7hard/Rock'n'Growl
Tre liknande band: Danger Danger/Firehouse/White Lion
Recensent: Daniel Källmalm