Various Artists
Rock For Japan

CD 1:
1.FM – Kissed (previously unreleased in Europe)
2.Tommy Heart - And I Know (previously unreleased)
3.Grand Illusion - Yumi‘s Eyes (previously unreleased, recorded during the ‘Brand New World’ sessions)
4.Harlan Cage - Sinner‘s Groove (new recording)
5.Fiona - Love Along The Way (new recording)
6.Dan Reed - I Don’t Mind (previously unreleased, recorded during the ‘Coming Up For Air’ sessions)
7.Tony Harnell - One Way Ride (previously only released on a digital only, self-released EP)
8.Grand Design - Love Will Shine The Way (new recording)
9. Doogie White/ Pontus Norgren – Message Of Love (previously unreleased cover of the Journey song of the same name)
10.Hartmann feat. Tobias Sammet - Brother’s (Live) (recorded live at the Colossaal, Aschaffenburg, Germany in 2009; this version previously unreleased in Europe)
11.Brian McDonald - In Too Deep (new recording)
12.Shotgun Symphony - The One (new recording)
13.Brett Walker - Good Enough (new recording)
14.Peter Beckett - Too Many Reasons (new recording)
15.Poison Sun - Russian Racketeers (previously unreleased; from the ‘Virtual Sin’ sessions)
16.Big Nature - One Way Ride (feat. Chandler Mogel from Outloud & Talon on vocals; previously unreleased)
17. Legs Diamond - Missing A Part (previously unreleased; from the sessions for the album ‘Diamonds Are Forever’)
1.Soul Doctor - You’re All That I Want (Single Remix)
2.Crown Of Thorns - I Won’t Wait (previously available on the compilation album ‘Crown Jewels’; from the recording sessions of the album ‘Crown Of Thorns’)
3.Harem Scarem – Easier (previously unreleased song)
4.Robin Beck - The One (previously released on the 2011 album ‚The Great Escape‘)
5.Torben Schmidt - Run Away (previously unreleased on CD)
6.Mark Spiro - Say Your Prayers (previously unreleased)
7. House Of Lords - Spirit Of Love (previously released on the album ‘Demons Down’)
8.Mitch Malloy - Anything At All (Live) (recorded live at Firefest 2008; previously unreleased on CD)
9. Dogface - Fired (previously unreleased)
10.Kane’d - Rock Against The D.J. (previously unreleased)
11.Royal Hunt - Back To Square (Live) (recorded live in Atlanta, USA in 2009; previously unreleased)
12.M.ill.ion - What I Want (previously unreleased; from the sessions for the album ‘Kingsize’)
13.Johnny Lima - Nowhere Left To Go (previously unreleased)
14.Tommy Denander - Where Is The Fire (previously unreleased on CD; feat. Mikkey Dee on drums and John Leven on bass)
15.Chris Laney - Coming Home (previously unreleased)
16.Bulletrain - Take Me To The Sun (previously unreleased on CD; from the self-financed EP of the band)
17.Subsignal – Wingless (previously unreleased demo version)





Released 29/4-2011
Reviewed 26/4-2011


I don’t think anyone can have missed what happened in Japan earlier this year with the earthquake and its accompanying tsunami and the then following nuclear problem at Fukushima power plant. I don’t think anyone can deny the tragedy for all the people involved who have lost maybe everything and has to live in some filthy school or whatever else there is for those evacuated or those who have nothing left abandoned by society. It is also a tragedy which could have been easily avoided by the worlds first and foremost technologically advanced society which also incidentally is a society whose past have been littered with tsunamis, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, avalanches and what have you, bar Iceland I am sure Japan is undeniably the nation most used to these kind of disasters and yet this had worse consequences than anyone could imagine, why? Was it the worst earthquake ever? No it was not even close, the one that generated the devastating tsunami in South East Asia was far worse and its tsunami was also much worse. No the consequences were so bad because the ruling people and the profit-mongers that rule society today decided to disregard the history of Japan and hope nothing like that was to happen while they were the investors. It did and they were no more prepared than we here in Sweden are when it comes to tsunami disasters, the difference is that we don’t have that kind of tectonic activity here in Sweden so there is no reason to believe such a thing can occur here, there is when it comes to Japan.

I mean, who the hell builds a nuclear power plant with several reactors where a tsunami is due? An idiot, it is like sitting at home eating small amounts of radioactive uranium and hoping nothing will happen. And who builds societies where a tsunami will happen and doesn’t care to add some protection? An idiot, it is like tearing down the walls to the sea in holland, some wave breakers, big boulders would have done a lot of difference in this situation but no one cared to fix such a thing. And don’t come saying that they couldn’t have counted on this and that it is easy to be wise in retrospect, it is easy to be wise in retrospect but it is also easy to learn from history if one wants to do it.

If you now see me as disrespectful towards all those effected by what happened, you are wrong, I disrespect the attitude and those who take the risk on behalf of others just to earn some more money. What has happened is a tragedy for all those it effected and there is no doubt about that and that is why I think this album that was put together by AOR Heaven is a really good thing, they give away all the profits from the sale of this album to the japanese red cross.

So what is this amazing piece of charity CD, or shall I say double CD as it is a two disc release with seventeen tracks on each disk which makes it a 34 song release with 34 different bands/artists. Quite a feat to pull all that together but I guess that since Japan is known for its rock fans and great shows it probably comes natural to the bands to give something back to those now effected by this natural disaster that claimed a lot of lives, towns, nuclear reactors and so on. It can be seen as a way of giving money to charity without getting nothing back, now you get a double album to show for what you have done.

Musically we have an assortment of melodic rock and metal songs that mainly though go in the line of rock music and it is surprisingly cohesive for being an album of so many artists. What it also is, is two and a half hours long, which is quite long. It is hard to say anything more unifying about it than that it is melodic rockin’ music that is all released especially for this occasion which is a good thing, and the bands are many of the AOR- or Metal Heaven signed bands but also some other bands as well. I would say it constitutes a healthy mix of bands and songs.

For me though it is a bit too much and I almost gets choked in all the music when I set out to listen through the two disks for this review and I can conclude that personally I will not buy this album as it is too much and I will never find an occasion to play it and the really good songs are too spread out to just start playing the good parts and they are on both disks. Now you say iPod and yes I have one of those and could probably convert just the good songs but then I will waste a lot of money on something I don’t use which I never like to do and if I were to find a need to give money to the japanese then I would find some charity that help and give them some kronor.

The really good songs I mention they start immediately with the song called Kissed which is performed by FM and it is this AOR song that is done as they should be with the keys and the melodies and chorus, just right and a good start. Next song I find myself liking is the formed TNT-singer Tony Harnell’s song called One Way Ride which is at number seven in the first disc. Hartmann with Tobias Sammet as a guest sings live in track ten which is called Brothers and it is a really good track that I like. Track fifteen on this first disc is the last good on number one and it is called Russian Racketeers which is performed by the band called Posion Sun, it has a good melody and is catching my attention quite fast.

Then the next really good track is to be found on the second disc and it is track four by Robin Beck that is called The One which has a great chorus that grabs me immediately and it is a good song overall as well. Then I like track ten by Kane’d which is called Rock Against the DJ which by a wide margin has the best chorus on this double disc and it is a really good track besides the chorus as well. Then track sixteen and seventeen catch my attention almost in the same way as the problems in Japan did, it is Bulletrain with Take me to the Sun which could have almost been an Edguy song due to the similarity to Edguy singer Tobias Sammet of the singer, then it is Subsignal with the track Wingless which ends it all on a high note.

I think the right thing to do would be for the japanese officials and the idiots that run the nuclear plants to buy this album on for each effected and then put all these good tracks that I counted on mp3-players and then give them to the effected people, that would not only give them something good to listen to while they wait for the government to help them or commit harakiri and also help in the way of enabling the japanese red cross, isn’t that a brilliant idea?

But to sort of get to the point, when the japanese people and perhaps also the fans of these rockers happen to fall victim to a natural disaster that is enhanced by human stupidity, it is only natural that they all flock together to do something good for them. And the result is a double album with 34 bands/artists contributing and it as a collection of really good songs that are unique to this release and the profits go to the red cross in Japan.

In the end this got to be quite the lengthy review but the time it takes to read through it and then go buy the album is still far from the time it takes to listen through it, it can be said to be good value for money in terms of minutes of music per money spent and how many of your good albums can you also say is a good deed?


Label - AOR Heaven/GerMusica
Three similar bands - //
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm