Renaissance of Fools
Hope & Frustration

1. Precious Life
2. Misguisded Mind
3. Ordinary Mans Diary
4. Polarized Round
5. Leave It All Behind
6. Claws Of Norms
7. Sleep
8. The Child That Used To Play
9. The Chains Of Thought
10. Intervention Part I & II

Kjell Bergendahl - Vocals
Daniel Magdic – Lead Guitar
Magnus Karlsson - Drums
Bjorn Taumann – Bass
Kjell Sjostrom - Guitar


Per Wiberg

Mixed by Pelle Saether in Studio Underground
Mastered by Ty Tabor at Alien Beans Studio, USA

Released 30/9-2011
Reviewed 21/9-2011


Renaissance of Fools, I believe this refers to today’s society and people of today. This Swedish band with this name are mentioned as the new progressive rock sensation, or rather as a possible sensation. This is the debut album of this band and it is called Fear, Hope & Frustration and it has no sensational album cover unless you think really bad is sensational for some reason.

Someone did mention Progressive Rock and it is exactly what this band is about, if you exchange rock for metal as I think they are a bit on the heavy side to be called rock. Their atmosphere is quite dark, the album coveys a bit of a dark mood. The vocalist has a deep moody voice and the production is quite good making the album sound quite good if you only look at the sound. It is not particularly complex, it has some progressive elements but it is mainly a straightforward album. It is an album that is about fifty one minutes long, it has ten tracks requiring this time to play.

So, what to say? I would start with saying that this album will not make this band a prog sensation, it is seen all way through an okay but quite forgetful album. The opening track is really good and the fifth track Leave it All Behind is also a good track, besides these the tracks are quite forgetful, not bad, but forgetful. The album also feels like it is too long, like it never ends. I would also say that the vocalist is very disturbing due to his way of singing in the same style all album through and that really becomes annoying in the end, note that I am not saying that he is bad but he would benefit from singing a little more varied. Lack of variation is not only in the singer though, the whole albums feels like it has just too little variation and it gets tiring towards the end. Also, I think the mood is just a bid dark and moody, it would at least need some more positive glimpses to make it feel immensely better.

So with two really good tracks and a mood that oozes too much negativity this band will probably only appeal to very few but I guess they might take this album like some kind of trial run and come back much stronger having learned from the mistakes of the first album.

In the end it is still an okay album, nothing that really stand out or make you take notice. The one problem is the mood of the album, it is just too much down for it to fit most of the people of today. So I would say that if you like to paint everything black and have trouble locating anything positive, these guys and you think alike. With a dark mood I believe you will find to appreciate this album, it is good no denying that, it is just not interesting enough for me to really care.


Label: Metalville/Flying Dolphin Entertainment
Three similar bands: Mind Odyssey/King's X/King Crimson
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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