Promise Divine

1. A Fairytale of Goodbye
2. 76 Days
3. Sucker Punch Poetry
4. Postcards
5. Me in the Study With the Revolver

Andreas Hellsén: Vocals
Mikael Brunkvist: Guitar, vocals
Patrik Ström: Guitar, vocals
Johan Callin Svensson: bass, vocals
Jimmy Brunkvist: Drums

Santos (2008)
Come September (Digital EP) (2008)


Digital EP

Released 27/12-2010
Reviewed 10/1-2011


Swedish band Promise Divine have done some noise around them, for instance when touring in the USA and such. They are now releasing this self titled EP as an all digital release, released under the label Snapping Fingers Snapping Necks which is a funny name of a record label. It can be bought from different online stores selling music online. For me however it is not really that interesting with all digital releases as I tend to like the physical product and cannot really fully understand why the record is not released as such as well. Sure it is cheaper not to press any CDs and make covers and such, so I guess there is some wisdom to it.

I am not against digital music, I use it all the time for my reviews but I like to own a physical product of my movies and music as it is a good thing that says alot about the person when you have a shelf of movies and music but hey, that is going away, now we all have to go into each others computers to know what they listen to and watch and notice that people today are getting more and more and more similar in taste as all seem to like the big budget movies and boring popular music, and they prefer to steal it.

Boring popular music is not what Promise Divine is about and it is not stolen either. I would say it is some kind of hybrid between rock, pop and punk music that blend together well into a melodic ropopu album. It is well produced and the sound is good and melodic, easy to take in and still not boring.

It is a good album with good songs but it is lacking the giant hit that makes or breaks the EPs status as a top EP. The songs are there and good but the hit is missing and that makes this album good but nothing to write home about.

There are five tracks on this album, five tracks where no track stand out as amazing and no track stand out as awful, the songs are good but nothing more than that. The real thing missing in this album is a hit song and the feel is that it is a decent record with no real high or low points. Some may call it average.

Promise Divine’s self titled EP is a decent album but it fails to really make an impression on me.


Label - Snapping Fingers Snapping Necks
Three similar bands - A Fairytale of Goodbye/April Divine/Kids in Glass Houses
Recensent: Daniel Källmalm