Praying Mantis

1. Children of The Earth 2010
2. Praying Mantis 2010
3. Lovers to the Grave 2010
4. Panic in the Streets 2010
5. Captured City 2010

Chris Troy - Bass & Vocals
Tino Troy - Guitars & Vocals
Andy Burgess - Guitars
Benjy Reid - Drums
Mike Freeland - Vocals

Time Tells No Lies (1981)
Throwing Shapes (1984)
Predator In Disguise ( 1991)
A Cry For The New World (1993)
To The Power Of Ten (1995)
Forever In Time (1998)
Nowhere To Hide (2000)
The Journey Goes On (2003)
Sanctuary (2009)



Released 2011-02-21
Reviewed 2011-02-12


Thirty years ago a band called Praying Mantis released their debut album which was called Time Tells no Lies, which was highly acclaimed by critics and this is celebrated by the band with an exclusive EP. This EP feature five tracks that have a playing time of about thirty minutes and feature songs which are from this album, at least some of them. These five songs are re recorded with the band’s current line up and of course with a more modern production and so on and so forth.

Musically it is rock music of the more melodic kind, maybe in some instances you will be able to call it hardrock if you care for all those distinctions. The music is quite simplistic in built and instrumental technique with standard song structures and distinctive choruses with a modern and very clean production that does not interfere with the songs. Overall the feel of the production is that it is made by a band that knows what they are doing.

It all starts with a with a track called Children of the Earth which is an excellent start of the album, a track that builds up expectations for the rest of the album and also give you an immediate positive feel for the music. The expectations that come with this good first track are also realised through the other four songs with Panic in the Streets as the probably top track of the album.

A thing that strikes me is that all songs are called 2010 at the end, marking when they were recorded, it looks a bit annoying in my iPod and with this as my biggest remark about this album it is quite certain that it is a well made album without any negative musical problems.

Actually it is a really good EP and the thing about it that really makes it that good is the playing time, reaching not all the way to 30 minutes it makes for an excellent distinctive albums with songs that have a much easier time to get into your mind and also songs that you can separate and you can really focus on the songs, it feels very much like Metalmorphosis is very focused on the music with very few distractions which comes back to them as something positive.

It is great to know that there are still bands and artist that understand the thing about less is more and understand that it can be too much music on an album and with this EP the amount of music is just perfect for what we get which makes it a great EP. The thing is that had the album been just one song longer I am quite sure it would have been a rather dull one and the rating would have gone down a step with that song which proves that the band is quite skilled in understanding how far they should go in what they put out.

This album will only be available through the band’s website as far as I know and it will be available for £5.50 plus shipping which feels like an acceptable prize. If you do not want to pay shipping you can always buy the album when you visit the band on one of their shows.

Clever little celebration of the thirtieth anniversary of the band’s debut and it is an exclusive thing which is always fun and if you don’t want the physical disc you can always buy it from iTunes or something like that.

Well then, if you want 30 good minutes of music in five tracks and like the uncomplicated rock sound of for instance Praying Mantis this is for you.


Label - Own distribution/Rock n Growl
Tre liknande band - REM/Smeer/House of Shakira
Recensent: Daniel Källmalm