01. Piston Head
02. Mercury Falling
03. A Good Day For The Crows
04. Maggot Song
05. From Now-Here to Nowhere
06. Sycophant
07. The Dead-End Stream
08. Futile Man
09. Scars
10. Driftwood

Ville Laihiala - Vocals, Guitars
Antti Remes - Bass
Marco Sneck - Keyboard
Tarmo Kanerva - Drums

Escapexstacy (2003)
Lust Stained Despair (2006)
A Dead Heavy Day (2008)
Of Rust and Bones (2010)

Anette Ellesgaard - background vocals

Recorded at Antfarm Studio in Århus, Denmark with producer Tue Madsen

Released 27/4-2011
Reviewed 4/5-2011

hype records

The poisonous black finns takes you for a drive with their latest and fifth album. An album featuring the guillotine and two females on the cover, a cover look that I think lack a bit of connection to the album in question but I guess there is some thought behind it, probably. It is one ugly cover though, not exactly one that one can like, especially the colour.

So, lets go for this drive, the label called this band Poisonblake in the iPood where we download these files and maybe they did because it is a more poisonous version of label mates Blake whom I just recently reviewed. It is sort of heavy metal which is gravitating somewhat towards the gothic area of the genre, in the direction of finnish band Him is actually a connection that does not feel too bad to be honest. It can be described as poisonous Blake or Sentenced Light in case you like to compare with bands of the same nation. The sound is sort of happy goth with decent tempo and a somewhat positive feel to it. The nationality will hardly be a secret for anyone hearing this band, it is that classical finnish accent that most finnish rockers tend to have. A note about production: it is fine, the sound is good and brings out the raw feel to Ville’s voice.

They said in the promo info that the single track Mercury Falling was a great taste of this album, I would say it was a too great a taste of the album since the rest of the material do not stand up to this track. Said track has lots of energy and it is one of those really good songs where everything just works and with tracks like that there would possible have been fight about which album I consider to be the best of the year. Unfortunately the rest of the material are not up to the same standards, which of course does not mean that the rest of the material is awful or bad.

I think I should also name From Now-Here to Nowhere if I am talking about track, it is a good calm track which has a feel that I like. Other than these two named the tracks are good but far from overwhelming, the would each one have worked well as a filler on any good album but to make an album of these tracks are just not as good as filling one out with them.

I actually think you can compare it with a drive in a car, most of the album is the straight, smooth and uneventful motorway while there are two parts that are these great driving roads with fantastic corners a great road surface and a place where you have to work your wheel, your brakes and everything, so mainly motorway but with a little of great roads in between.

I think that this album is quite good, the tracks and the sound is really good but it feels a bit like it has been done before by many others and the fresh perspective is missing a bit which makes all tracks besides the two mentioned by name feeling like they are good but they are as quickly forgotten. Then we have the fantastic single track that just deserved a better album to be on, but it is a brilliant track and had it been eight tracks on the album I would probably have given it a five thanks to this track alone. The laid-back ballad with the funny name From Now-Here to Nowhere is also a very good track but not really close to the single.

Mercury Falling is fantastic, the rest of the album is good.


Label: Hype Records/Triada
Three similar bands: Blake/Sentenced/Charon
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm