1. Whose Favourite Fills
2. The Ayn Lesson
3. Release (In Thousand Days)
4. Of Things That Never Were
5. Lo Tisa Shem
6. Another Two Hours
7. Desert City Allegory / Pain Gloves
8. The Line That I Did Not Draw
9. Cold Spots
10. Stilling
11. The Sentence Complete
12. The Color Of Fear
13. Night School

Frank S. - Vocals
Udo F. - Guitar, Synth
Mario S. - Guitar
Stefan L. - Bass
Yannick A. - Drums

Outrage I (demo 1985)
Outrage II (demo 1985)
From Nightmare to Myths (demo 1986)
The Book of the Seven Seals (demo 1987)
Back for Attack (2004)
A Mute Reminder (2005)
7 Is 1 Take Over (2005)
Takes of Counted Sorrows (EP 2006)
Order in the Court (2008)


Released: 20/10-2010
Reviewed: 4/1-2011


German extreme metal band called Outrage is releasing a new album, a self financed one and what firstly strikes me with this album and band is the name which seem to indicate a big lack of originality. The same lack of originality can also be seen in the band’s graphical image for this album, meaning the cover and logo which are both quite unoriginal. Still, that is just first impressions before really listening to the album, after all it is the music that is the main thing.

Outrage are as I have stated already, from Germany and they have been around since 1983 which is something that is focused quite a bit upon both in the promo information with the album and the band’s website. I have never really understood the need to press that a band has been around for long, experience from being together long is not a guarantee for good music, Star One has been around since 2002 and it is not even a band and they still make fantastic music, same goes for The Birthday Massacre who has been around since the 2000s and still make great music, Iron Maiden has been around for an eternity and make rubbish music and the same goes for the like of Rolling Stones or AC/DC. So a long history is not a guarantee for good music and when pressing the since thing it would sure help if the band was not disbanded in 1998. Sure they were rejuvenated i 2004 so you could say they were celebrating their tenth year just recently. One thing about this long time since the band’s start could indicate that the spine of the band at least have some long experience.

So, what does this experience mean then? Well, the first track Whose Favourite Fills is a very good track that has a really good riff and it is as a whole a good song to start the album and promise a lot for the rest of the record. Another fine track is the one at fifth place in the order which is called Lo Tisa Shem.

And then, nothing really. The album just goes on forever and ever without end it feels like when listening to the album. The length of over 73 minutes is just too long for this album which musically falls into the extreme metal region, some would probably call it thrash metal while other would call it death metal or maybe speed metal, it is hard to tell when it comes to genres, what is certain though is that the record has some melodic touches to the extreme sides.

The prevailing feel though when listening to this album is the feel that it is too long, I often find myself completely unfocused on what I am hearing when I play this music, it all begins so fine and it goes well for a while before I loose interest and becomes less and less aware of what is going on in the musical world. Instead I start focusing on the next album, starting already to decide what I will listen to next and the last 30-35 minutes of this album just passes by me without making any impression whatsoever.

It is not that Outrage has done a bad record in any way, it is just that someone ought to teach them about the expression “kill your darlings” since that is really something this band should do as they now cannot even reach the middle of our ratings scale and end up with one less black H than grey one.

In the end I feel like this is just too much, they should have left out about 30 minutes of it and I would have given them one more point. Now I am just bored in the end.


Label - Self financed
Three similar bands - Destruction/Desaster/Tankard
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm