Beyond Earth

1. Beyond Earth
2. Living Wisdom
3. Your Glory Won't Last Forever
4. Eternal
5. Heroes From The Past
6. Concilium
7. Old Man's Prophecy
8. Song Of Lust
9. Victory Of Light
10. Story Of All Times
11. A New Quest
Hidden track: Eternal Flame (The Bangles cover)

Ana Lara - Vocals
Miguel Gomes - Guitars
António Silva - Keyboards
Rui Santos - Bass
João Rodrigues - Drums

Last Prophecy (EP 1999)
Illusion Dimensions (2000)


Produced by Uwe Lulis
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Black Solaris Studio, Germany
Engineered by Roland Jacob
Choirs by Michael Seifert and Bjorn Eilen
James Von Phantasi (art)
Luis Lourenco (band photo)

Released 2/12-2002
Reviewed 23/1-2011


This is a rework of a review from our archives, if you want to read the original review check it out here.

When you start this album and hear the first tunes force it's way through the speakers it creates an immidiate interest. The sound is crystal clear and the music played like an iceicle, even though you can suspect the hits of the plectrum at the strings, and you get drawn into the title track that starts the album with a great feeling. And this is a feeling that stays throughout the entire album.

The biggest difference with this album compared to the last one is that back vocalist Ana Lara have taken over the roll as vocalist, which is something she do very well. Anas voice works excellent with Oratorys music, much better than Marco Alves did, and besides this the production is better. The sound is clearer and fills the sound picture better, it really feels as this band has matured and also write better songs on this album. The result is that 'Beyond Earth' is better on more or less everything compared to the debut, 'Illusion Dimensions'.

The music served is a up-tempo power metal album. The songs pulls every part of your body and twitch the neck muscles, arms and legs with their great music flow. It doesn't need to be more advanced than this, because instrumentaly it's not what you would call impressing, and even though Ana Lara is far from a bad vocalist, she's not really top of the line either. But it doesn't matter, it sounds great anyway. It's the feeling, the rhythm and the melodies that does it. Songs like Your Glory Won't Last Forever and the title track shines the brightest, but there are more golden pieces - like Eternal, Concilium and Story of All Times. The hidden track at the end wasn't really necceccary, I don't really see the point with it actually, but since it's not an "official" song so I leave it a little bit outside this review.

In the end, I believe the reason why I like this album is the fast and heavy guitars, as well as the feeling of everything working so well together. There is not a single thing that sounds unappropriate, unfitting or as it takes over and take away your attention from the music. It's the music that's in focus, the music and nothing else and this result in a solid, strong album that's well made and good all the way in its simplicity. The fact is that after eight years of listening, I still love this album and can't find anything that bothers me with 'Beyond Earth'. I think it's a milestone in the genre and everytime I hear it I can't help myself from moving about in every part of my body, it really brings joy.

'Beyond Earth' is a milestone, there's no other way around it. Albums like this are a rarity and comes in few numbers - if any - per year. It's almost good beyond this planet and the cover art is so beautiful! Just like the album. It's top of the line, in all it's simplicity, and something you must discover if you like fast and melodic metal.


Label - Recital/LMP
Three similar bands - Dark Moor/Red Wine/Nightwish
Reviewer: Caj Källmalm