Oliver Weers
Evil's Back

01 - Intro
02 - Evils Back
03 - All My Life
04 - Without You
05 - Hero
06 - Need It Bad
07 - Beautiful Rain
08 - Much Too Much
09 - Fighting The Mountains
10 - Devils Chain
11 - Demolition Man
12 - Rainbow Star

Oliver Weer : Vocals
Anders Bo : Guitars
Laki Ragazas : Lead Guitar
Anders Borre : Bass, Production
Morten Hell Born : Drums

Get Ready (2008)

Anders Borre Mathiesen (producer)


Released 25/2-2011
Reviewed 26/2-2011


The Evil is back, at least if we are to believe the name of this new album by Oliver Weers a man who was ones a finalist in the most evil of all television programs, X-Factor. This latest offering by this man based in Denmark have no real resemblance with useless television programs made for stupid idiots. It is the second album by this guy and now he has more of a real band behind him and not just hired guns as was the case with his debut album Get Ready from 2008. Evil’s Back is the second album by this guy and it follows an albums that according to the promotional material was quite praised by reviewers, I know not if that is true though.

Musically this album is situated in the melodic rock-/hardrock genre with a sound of the more classical rock bands weaved into the web of the music on the album. The vocals of Weers are not as high pitched as is common in the sub-genre. The production is clean with a sound that is not as polished as is usual in the genre but a bit more gritty and aggressive you might want to describe it as. There are twelve tracks and something around 45 minutes of music on the album.

This album, just as the previous one I reviewed, starts with the title track which is a quite rocking track that introduce you well to what you are to expect from the album. It is a good representation of the album in one track you might say, not that it represent all aspects of what we are about to hear on the album but nonetheless a good representation.

There are also other interesting tracks on this album, hard rocking Demolition Man is a really good and powerful track with lots of intensity and feel. Another track that is impressive is the one called Hero which is according to me the best track on this album. I will not move more into those tracks than that.

However, other than the tracks mentioned the album feel quite tired, like the band is lacking a bit of energy when recording this album. The songs feel good but a bit uninteresting and this make the record feel a bit long. It also gives a sense that there is nothing in the music that grabs you, that take you into the music, that makes you really want to listen over and over, these are some problems for this album. These problems of course make me a little less positive towards the album.

I do not think that it is a bad album in any way, it is good no doubt about that. After all the album is well produced, the music is good, the elements interact well together. The best tracks are excellent and the music is good overall as I stated already. The thing though is that they rather than a hungry and enthusiastic rock band that has just started out, they feel like an old band that is just making decent music to live on their name from the past and as long as they make songs that are okay they will sell albums and be celebrated.

I do not understand where the evil part comes into the equation as it does not have the sense of danger or evil anywhere and therefore the title feel a bit dumb. The sense that they were satisfied with half-finished and good-enough songs is not that positive either especially as the band give a sense of being really good in their best moments. It feels like they under-perform a bit on this album.

Sure it is good, there are lot of good melody and music and great in the best moments but towards the end and when analysing it is a good record without depth and a quite anonymous feel to it. A record I will probably not play so many more times.


Label - Metal Heaven/GerMusica
Three similar bands - China/Whitesnake/Gotthard
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm