My Black Light
Human Maze

1. Energy Core
2. Being Human
3. Detriny
4. The Abstainer
5. Noise for Sale
6. Inner World
7. Deadline
8. A Lie for Eternity
9. Ideal
10. Guiding Light
11. Ti Sento
12. Un-Break MY Heart

Monica Primo (Vocals)
Rodolfo Coda Bertetto (Keys & Vocals)
Marco Peraldo ( Bass Guitar)
Edoardo Giordani ( Drums)
Emanuele Rossi (Lead Guitar)


Mix and mastering by Daniele Persoglio & Rudy Coda Bertetto
Cover artwork by Jan Yrlund /Darkgrove Design

Released 28/10-2011
Reviewed 21/10-2011


Italian band called my black light is releasing their debut album which is called Human Maze, something one often finds oneself lost inside in this day and age, wouldn’t you say? This first thing that strikes me though is not how easy it is to be lost in a human maze but rather how ugly the album cover looks, a bit like The Prophesy23’s cover with the green in it but without the cool artwork which in My Black Light’s case is a band photo. Other than that there is not much striking me with this album and the promotional information does not really make that thing better as it says nothing interesting about the band, they are from Italy, they say who produced it and that they opened for Leaves’ Eyes for one show in Italy which is about as interesting a selling point as eating leaves from a dead scarlet rose. Well, sorry about that thing but with whom a band has shared a festival stage and for whom they have opened during one show is not interesting for a reviewer or for a potential buyer, I have shared stage with many bands during my writing time that does not say anything about my style or quality as a musician, does it? Anyway, lost my focus there for a while, what I was going to say was that I do not really know much about the band as their biography was very short and not really filled with anything noteworthy, there you have it.

Now then, they are musically falling into the gothic metal category and if I was the namedropping kind of guy I would mention Sirenia or Imperia, some person named Within Temptation which I think is a bit off. From the band names mentioned I imagine that you understand that it is female fronted metal of the gothic kind, lots of keys keyboards and dominated by the female voice that becomes almost operatic at times. There is some male vocals as well, but they are in a minority and they are both growly and clean. Not particularly heavy are they this band and if you are into this kind of music you will realise that neither do they offer anything revolutionary and there are not many surprises to be found throughout the album. The biggest musical surprise of the album are probably the two covers that end it, an end that happens a little over 48 minutes after the album’s start and after twelve played tracks of which two are covers. If you are an avid goth metal listener, think Sirenia and I do think you can imagine about how it sounds.

So, this debut album, is it anything to have? I would think so, sure it offers no new and revolutionary stuff and it always make me think of Sirenia but their songs are catchy and good even though they sound like said norwegian band. The lack of uniqueness is a slight issue as it sounds a bit like they lack in finding an own identity but at the same time they do know a good song and have filled this album with twelve of them, ten of which are their own while the last two are cover songs of Matia Bazar’s Ti Sento and Tony Braxton’s Unbreak My Heart.
I was trying to figure out favourite tracks of this album and I found that being rather difficult as no track really stand out that much, they hold a good quality all of them but none of them really stand out. I think though that Being Human is a class act, then I really like the two cover songs which are the real keepers of this album, great songs and well covered.

Noise For Sale is the name of one of the tracks on this album, I wonder if that is how they look upon their debut album. I Would say that it would be a non-correct way of looking at it as it is quite well made and well performed gothic metal. It is nothing that breaks new ground but a solid debut album that I am sure will please all the Sirenia fans out there, especially those who like the latter of Sirenia’s albums. So, a successful debut album and an interesting new band to keep track of.



Label: Massacre Records
Three similar bands: Imperia/Sirenia/Lacuna Coil
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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