See You in Hell

01. Flames Of Revenge
02. See You In Hell
03. Make It Right
04. The Prophecy
05. Alien Autopsy
06. Final Thunder
07. Falconlord
08. The Dragonships
09. Lindisfarne
10. Valkyries
11. Land Of The Brave
12. Dr. Stein

Patrick Deckarm - Guitar
Frank Kettenhofen - Lead Guitar
Siggi Schüßler- Vocals
Benny Straub - Bass
Markus Merl - Drums

Under The Sign (2006)

Produced, mixed and mastered by Rolf Munkes at Empire Studio
Cover artwork by Frank Kettenhofen

Released 9/9-2011
Reviewed 17/9-2011


German band Messenger has a message for you, they say “see you in hell” which is something I would not really want as hell does not really look like a place I would like to visit. On the face of it, this messenger band looks very much like a very cliché heavy metal band. The album cover artwork witness of that at least with a black background, flames, lightning, an album title with hell in, an evil looking fellow on it, a typical heavy metal logo, so based on the album cover I would have hazarded a guess that it is very typical heavy metal that would be called true heavy metal by most. They are called “true metal hopefuls” by the label and that my friends is not something that makes me want to check it out, it feels like there is a waterfall of cliché to expect coming down from the roof as soon as the album enters the music player. And to be fair, the cover artwork just screams of metal clichés.

The label true metal is quite commonly used in the heavy metal world but it is not really a good thing as it feels quite impossible for music to be true or untrue, it would however be quite fun to see a band try to sell themselves as false metal. “True metal hopefuls” is however the label this band has been given and that would indicate that they are not yet certified as true metallers of the same dignity as for instance Manowar. Over 70 minutes of true metal inferno is what they are being sold as, something that would have me not wanting to buy the album. Also, I would say that it is not that accurate a description. The album is over 70 minutes in the limited edition so that part is correct but true metal and inferno is something that can be a bit debated I would say, the album is a little bit more than that. It actually has something of a range in content ranging from quite dark gothic style to upbeat power metal over the twelve or fourteen tracks or sixty or over seventy minutes of metal music. The base of the music is power metal or heavy metal with distinctive and quite catchy choruses along with a melodic disposition. They have a decent production for this album these Messenger people, I think that in parts it could have been better but it is adequate for what it is.

I would say that this album is much more interesting that it is on face value, it has a bit of variation making it rather interesting and the sixty minutes the version I am reviewing here is a little bit on the long side but it is not like it is unbearable but it feels slightly long or at least on the limit. Therefore it is a good thing that the best songs on the album is to be found on the latter half of it, the songs I am talking about as the best one are Valkyries and the ending Helloween cover called Dr. Stein. That Dr. Stein is really a great song with lots of feel and energy and it works well when done by other bands like Freedom Call or in this case Messenger. And by ending on this song they end on a high note and they diffuse even more from this true metal gibberish as it can not be said to one of Helloweens more serious songs.

So, in the end I would say that it is an overall positive review I make of this album, it is good with a bit of variation, not enough for an hour but quite enough for the album anyway. It ends on a high note, I just love Dr. Stein and his funny creatures and the way he sings the song in a Michael Kiske meets Joacim Cans way. I must say that even if they seem to do everything they can to make me negative towards this album, they still manage to make me positive to what is on this album. And honestly, is there a better way to end an album than with Dr. Stein?



Label: Massacre Records
Three similar bands: Stormwarrior/Gamma Ray/Helloween
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Raviewer: Daniel Källmalm
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