Last Day on the Earth

1. Different Meanings
2. Flow, My Tears
3. Universal Plan
4. Heart Of The World
5. Silent Thoughts
6. Invisible Tears (Acoustic Version)

Daphne Romano - Vocals
Paride Mazzoni - Guitar
Giordano Boncompagni - Guitar
Francesco Rossi - Bass
Perseo Mazzoni - Drums



Mixed by Davide Fatemi
Mastered by Ronan Chris Murphy
Cover artwork by Andrea Brizi

Released 20/1-2011
Reviewed 5/7-2011



This band is said to be inspired by bands like Ayreon, Dream Theater, Stratovarius or Angra and a few more of similar stylings. This wide variety of bands that inspire begs for some wide ranging music in case they are picking up elements from all of these bands. If they did it would lead to a musical landscape that is very varied in nature and full of perils where dangers lurk for the musical wanderer who dares to trek the hostile paths of this landscape.

They are from Italy and are fronted by a female vocalist this Lunocode who also have managed a name that is quite adventurous in itself and witness of a band that is having an adventurous style in their musical endeavours. They are musically a band that has very clean and polished sound with atmosphere and the like. They are however still leaning more towards the power metal sub genre than the more heavily progressive atmospheric kind. The female vocals are more of a clean rockfemale than it is operatic and symphonic. Production on this very EP sound very professional and clean. It is six tracks and almost 34 minutes of music, which puts it close to a full length album anyway.

I think this debut has some really good points, the sound is excellent, the cover artwork is great and then I cannot think of anything more. I think this album is supposed to be a bit of a tease for the coming album, as such I am not quite sure it works to be honest.

There are some problems with this release, first of all I think that in trying to encompass all these inspirations into one working package tend to make a package that doesn’t work, it becomes sort of a nothingness. It is music that feels like it doesn’t want me listening, it throws me out all the time. It works excellently as a background, the sound is great but the songs are not quite there. Another thing needed to be addressed by the band and that should be done before the album comes if possible and that is the vocals, the vocalist is not bad but she does not work on this EP. This is something that bothers me from the start.

The band has potential to make some really exciting music, there are traces of that to be found on the EP and in their best moments they are really good Lunocode. However, for them to reach this higher level, there are many things that need to be improved. These things are not big things, just small improvements in certain areas will change a whole lot for this band.

I think that this EP works quite well as a background, a wall of music to fill an irritating silence or things like that. It does not quite stand up to a more closer look on what they do, there are too many small things that are not quite there. I sure would not pick this album if it was my last day on the Earth, that’s for sure.



Label: Spider Rock Promotion
Three similar bands: Anima/Angra/Stratovarius
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
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