Lucky Thir13n
March of the Young

01. Alibi
02. Feels Like Coming Home
03. Get In My Way
04. Rivers Run Dry
05. Amazing
06. Another Memory
07. Forever Free (March Of The Young)
08. Yeah, I Want It
09. R'n'R
10. Operation Overload
11. Say Goodbye

Elias Elias – Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitars
Nash – Lead Guitars
Alex “Tze” – Bass
Tsaky Dee – Drums


Dj. Space

Mixed by Strutter at VALVE STUDIO, Thessaloniki
Mastered by Bruno Ravel at SOUNDCHECKERS STUDIO, New York
Additional vocal mixing by Bruno Ravel
Additional keyboards by Strutter

Released 23/9-2011
Reviewed 17/11-2011


Bad spellers from greece, that is what we are offered. They are lucky as well, one of those who thinks the number 13 has some significance which of course is not the case. It is their debut album we have gotten our hands on some time ago but haven’t had time to review until now, I don’t really think they have selected a good name as the digits don’t really make it spell thirteen and it looks kind of ridiculous as well. The cover art looks like something from an ad by a shoe company which is another negative thing on the looks of things, but at the same time you need good shoes for marching. The only thing positive when just looking at factors other than the music is the title March of the Young indicating a young band hungry for making good and powerful music. Still greece is not generally a nation I think of when thinking of music, it would rather be about their financial dyslexia which is putting the entire euro collaboration in jeopardy. I guess however, that these guys have more money than the greek treasury so it would have been enough for recording this album. But now all that remains is to figure out if they are lucky or not.

Modern rock music is what we can call this band if we need to label it, quite a varied album it is as well with everything from the talking music called rap thrown into the songs to additions of extreme metal growling. Most songs are hit oriented though with catchy choruses and a general radio hit touch seemingly made for the band to be able to reach a wider audience through the medium of radio. The production is rather typical for the genre with a sound typical for the genre, kind of the sound you would expect from an album with that cover artwork and that name. The album has eleven tracks and it plays for around 47 minutes.

The album has some highlights in the opening track Alibi, R’n’R is good if you take a way the talksinging stuff that kind of sucks, the track following R’n’R Operation Overload is a really good track as is the ending Say Goodbye if you discount the hidden track that is completely useless. Thing is though that the album in general is quite dull, the songs really says nothing and the album feels a bit like a can of soda as it is nice when you play/drink it but when it ends it is nothing, nothing that grabs you anymore, just an empty can or a distant memory of something you can’t remember.

I would say that it is a forgetful album, there are some good intentions but the album is incoherent and the songs are not that good. There is nothing that grabs onto you while you listen to the album and all in all it just pass by like a stranger you meed when walking down a street, it feels like it means nothing. Maybe they should have put un- in front of lucky to indicate that they are quite unlucky when it comes to musical creation as they have not really managed to create anything that lasts beyond the end of the song in question and that is not the biggest feat I would say. The song with growling, track four is really a bad track, it is also the one I tend to remember but for all the wrong reasons.

So if this was an album you considered for purchase I would advice against it, it feels just like one more of those forgetful albums that feels unnecessary on all accounts. Well maybe not on all accounts, there are some good and some decent stuff that might indicate that all is not lost for this band, that they have some potential for making more interesting stuff in the future. March of the young though does not really feel like it is marching anywhere but over the edge of an abyss.


Label: Rock'n'Growl/Retrospect
Three similar bands: Danger Danger/My Chemical Romance/Crashdiet
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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