Brace For Impact

01. Tomorrow Never Comes
02. Calm Before The Storm
03. Pretty Little Mess
04. Caught In A Dream
05. Through The Dawn
06. Brace For Impact
07. We Are The Weak
08. Down To Nowhere
09. Pray To Your God
10. Reach Out
11. The Answer
12. Will Love Remain

Vocals – Jan Manenti
Guitars – Christian Stöver
Guitars – Stefan Ellerhorst
Bass – Jogi Sweers
Drums – Michael Ehré


Produced by Michael Ehré
Mixed and mastered by Markus Teske

Released 17/6-2011
Reviewed 16/6-2011



Well the band name says it all, doesn’t it? And through history it has been proven right over and over again that love might kill, I have no idea why the band has selected such a name but it is a quite good name in my opinion. Their debut album is named Brace For Impact which is said to derive from this situation quoted from the promotional information: “With these words the american pilot Chesley B. Sullenberg prepared the passengers of the Airbus A320 for the spectacular landing on the Hudson River in 2009. The pictures went around the world – so did his words!” The same information then goes on to say that there isn’t a much better way to title the debut album of Love.Might.Kill.

Sure there is!

I would say that it musically is all about traditional heavy metal, the band does not really move much away from the path that is the traditional heavy metal path. The production is very good, clean and sounding well but at the same time it retains a sense of heavy metal and the rebellion it once stood for. And the vocalist Jan Manenti has a powerful voice with a good range and also a lot of authority which helps create a sense of a little less conventional sound than the one the band really have. On the debut album there are twelve songs and they are lyrically very traditional and they will require that you spend about forty eight minutes to plat through the album in it’s entirety.

I find this album to be very good, the songs do have a lot of power and they are also very good all of them. On thing making this happen is the great vocalist who carries the songs with his voice and giving them another dimension and also helping Love.Might.Kill to sound more special than their music would with a less good singer. The tracks hold up to a high standard all the way through and everything is performed with such confidence and certainty that one cannot help but be taken with it. There are some hit songs and some really good album songs as well, the complete picture painted by the band is really good. Brace For Impact has a lot of different things to take in, there are more layers and more to see or hear in the track than might be noticed at first glance, a good album that lasts for quite some time because of its depth.

It all starts with Tomorrow Never Comes which is a really good starter that both shows what is to be expected on the album but it is also a track that creates a curiosity and a good feel towards the album. It is really an excellent way to start the album as it gives a positive feeling to it. Then I really love the third track called Pretty Little Mess, it is just that powerful strong track with great vocals and a chorus where the vocalist really impress and excel. Then I will have to mention We are the Weak as well as ending Will Love Remain as really good tracks that might lift this album even though I know they don’t the rest of the tracks are really good as well but these four stand out a little more. You can always check out the video in the bottom of this review to hear Pretty Little Mess.

Then there are some things that are less good with this album and one of these things is the way the band start up a song with a bit of energy before they are about to start the first verse where the tempo just vanishes to be built up again through the chorus. This is not a major problem at all but it was something I thought about in the car today while driving. I think that this is honestly more of a non-issue. Then we have the sensation that the album felt just a bit on the longer side and towards the end before the excellent ending it feels a bit like something should have to go in order to make the album better.

In the end I can only say Brace For Impact, Love.Might.Kill have created a really good album so now I just wait for this album to make a big impact on the metal scene and then maybe a new and possibly better album some time next year.

Here comes Love.Might.Kill with their great debut album, Brace For Impact!




Label: Massacre Records
Three similar bands: Rainbow/Metalium/Gamma Ray
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
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