Loch Vostok

01. A Mission Undivine
02. Repeat Offender
03. World Trade Dissenter
04. Sacred Structure
05. Navigator
06. In the Wake of Humanity
07. Viral Strain
08. Disconnection
09. Taste the Flame
10. Absence
11. Dystopium

Teddy Möller – Lead vocals, guitars
Jimmy Mattson – Bass, vocals
Niklas Kupper – Guitars, vocals
Fredrik Klingwall - Keyboards
Lawrence Dinamarca - Drums

2004: Dark Logic
2006: Destruction Time Again!
2009: Reveal No Secrets


Recorded at Blueflame Productions
by Teddy Möller
Mastered at Great Scot! Audio
by Lawrence Mackrory

Released 23/9-2011
Reviewed 19/10-2011

vicisolum productions

Swedish band Loch Vostok is back with a new album, apparently if we are to believe the promotional information they have received rave reviews for earlier albums and they have toured with big names. I have never really understood why they need to mention with whom a band has toured unless it is with a really big name and the band is just a tiny act like if they had toured with giants like Metallica or something but in the info it was Therion, who? The band is compared to bands like Cynic, Emperor, Dream Theater, Forbidden, Agent Steel, Voivod and Soilwork are mentioned to be similar by the promotors. What does those bands really bring on this comparison, I mean those bands are quite different so those names more seem to indicate an incoherent band rather than anything else.

Musically it is well produced metal that brings their foundation from the more extreme metal but there is so much more to their music with catchiness and power at times. The vocals are varied with both growls and clean vocals, all songs feature both these kinds of vocals. The songs are all varied, and the style is quite different throughout the album and the songs. Speaking of songs, there are eleven tracks on this album and the playing time reaches close to 52 minutes and if you feel that that isn’t enough you can buy a bonus track on iTunes.

I am bit doubtful towards this album, at first I thought of giving this album a rating of three because I find this being a hard album to warm up to. There is no real red thread running through it and I find myself struggling to enjoy it. Sure there are parts and some catchy choruses and so that are good but the songs feel incoherent and the album even more so. Still the sound is good which makes this an overall good album even though the songs are lacking, I think the band should tone down some things and make the sound a bit more coherent. The extreme bits are not as good as the clean bits, it is when the band move into their catchy mode that they are reaching their best so I think the extreme bits should be toned down a bit.

Thing is though that this album is quite hard to analyse since it feels like the album just passes by without me even noticing, there is not much memorable so it has been much careful listening and analysing to come up with what I figured in the previous section of this review. I think that with the sound the band has managed for this album, they should be able to make so much more than this as it is in all intents and purposes a quite forgetful album. The best use of this album is to use it as a background noise as it is so bland it works well as something like that.

I would say that this is an overall alright album, no really amazing stuff but as something to have in the background it is really good but as an album to listen to it is too incoherent and too bland. So a middle of the road album that I award a middle of the road rating.


Label: Vicisolum Productions/Sound Pollution
Three similar bands: Cynic/Soilwork/Agent Steel
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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