In Fire

1. Awakening
2. Mechanical Beast
3. Burning Anger
4. Heart Of A Metal Virgin
5. Lethal
6. Cross The Line
7. Carry On
8. In Fire
9. All The Way
10. The Igniter
11. Lust For Sin
12. We All Gonna Rock You Tonight

Martin Bengtsson - vocals, guitar
Fredrik Nordstrandh - guitar
Martin Karlsson - bass
Kristian Svensson - drums

Violator (2008)


Mixed & Produced by Rickard Bengtsson
Mastered at Platinum Mastering in Stockholm

Released 26/8-2011
Reviewed 12/8-2011

metal heaven

Lechery in fire, does not really sound that great, does it? But that was not the first thing I thought about when seeing this album cover, it was the feeling of cliché and thinking if it was really possible to make an album cover that was more cliché than this. And looking at the song titles the story is the same, the cliché titles are coming thick and fast. The album In Fire is the second one by the Swedes and it is considered to be a heavy metal assault in the traditional sense, for me the thought falls to Babylon 5 rather than heavy metal though.

Sinclar: How will this end?
Kosh: In Fire.
A fun conversation from said show but somehow I do not think that is where the inspiration for the title of this album comes, rather from the traditional heavy metal scrolls that has been carbon dated back to ancient times. These scrolls are something this band follows to the letter, their music is heavy metal according to what has been written down in these scrolls. We recognise the classical power chords, the classic heavy metal riffing and singing style is there as well. Production is a bit more modern than it was at the times when the scrolls were written on papyrus from the Nile delta. The sound is polished but with some rough edges left in. The album consist of twelve tracks which will take you almost fifty minutes to play.

The first track is called Awakening, I don’t know from what but it starts a bit silent before gaining some energy and sound and then it ends, more or less. After that the real tracks start and what we get is traditional heavy metal that could have been done by bands like Accept, Iron Maiden, Hammerfall, Sabaton or whatever else heavy metal that pops into your mind. Sometimes the metal stereotypes are coming so thick and fast that you think you are in some sort of parody. At the same time it is hard not to like the music being made by Lechery, it is catchy and funny to hear the classical three-chord choruses and the choirs and everything cliché they throw at you.

I do not know how serious this band is in their music but for my own illusion I imagine that they are not entirely dead serious because that would really be sad since they would have missed the entire point with heavy metal, which of course is irony. But whichever it is, their music is so rich in stereotypes and clichés that I really enjoy the songs and listening to this album is always fun. Maybe it is a bit on the long side towards the end though.

I think however that no matter how fun this album is to listen to, it does not really make a lasting impression. I think this is one of those albums that are fun to listen to and then you forget that you heard it, I do however remember Heart of a Metal Virgin which I really enjoy and if you want a deadly dose of metal cliché, listen to this song I love it for all those clichés in the power chords in the chorus, the song structure, the riffing, choirs, everything in this song is cliché.

If you confess yourself to being a heavy metal fanatic and say you really like the traditional heavy metal, this is all you need. It cannot get more traditional and more to the template of heavy metal than this, no fancy stuff just heavy metal.


Label: Metal Heaven/GerMusica
Three similar bands: Accept/Sabaton/Hammerfall
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
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