Last View
Hell in Reverse

01. Hell in reverse
02. For something to keep
03. Remembrance
04. The ties that bind
05. It´s true
06. Down by the docks
07. Fear: It´s yours
08. The narrator
09. M. Dutroux
10. Relieve us
11. Liaisons (Bonus track)
12. Anastacia (Bonus track)

Jakob Reinhard - Vocals
Sebastian Kellgren - Vocals
Erik Sundquist - Guitar
Tobias Ericson - Guitar
Viktor Alasalmi - Bass
Robin Duvfors - Drums



Produced by William Blackmon

Released 23/9-2011
Reviewed 28/9-2011

vicisolum productions

Swedish band Last View have by many reviewers been very praised for their music, one of the noticeable magazines has called them the best band in Sweden and so on. One reviewer said that all reviewers were throwing superlatives at the band for their every release, which is something that didn’t take much research to disprove either. I just have to brows two sides on the famous search engine and seven reviews to fins two very negative reviews. Which is why I guess it is not as great in all minds, still it has an interesting cover artwork. But now let us take one (last) view over what we will hear on this hell in reverse.

Does it sound like reversing through hell? I guess you could say that, it is very heavy, very energetic and powerful. It is fast and furious and very aggressive, metalcore it is called by most and I think that is about right or hardcore-/death metal mixed together. It is an album that cannot be described as innovative, different, impressively imaginative or anything like that, it is quite ordinary metalcore of the kind that is becoming ever more common when looking around the musical world. The production is alright for what it is, the songs are heavy and powerful maybe thanks to a good production. The band apparently has two singers which is something I had no idea of before I noticed in the promo information that showed two names on singers, their vocals are of the screaming, growling, panic screaming kind that is so common in this genre. This album in its special vinyl version just over 38 minutes long and has twelve tracks, the CD-version has two less tracks and the one we got is the vinyl one.

A reviewer said he was tired of hearing more copies of something that was broken to begin with, and that is absolutely right since it reflects what I feel about this album. I was trying to find something positive to write about this album to begin this, the only thing I could think of was the cover artwork and the fact that it is not very long making the pain of listening to it less unbearable.

But honestly I think this album is really quite bad, the sound is terrible, the vocals stink and the overall result is as much fun to listen to as getting a stomach parasite. Still, if you do like metalcore then it might be something for you, at least that is what some reviewers seem to think. I on the other hand will now flush this album down the virtual toilet I created on my computer just for this album.


Label: Vicisolum Productions/Sound Pollution
Three similar bands: Parkway Drive/I Killed The Prom Queen/The Amity Affliction
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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