I've Failed You

1. I‘ve Failed You
2. We Are The Lamb
3. Whisper of Death
4. What Have I Done
5. Empires (Part 1)
6. Empires (Part 2)
7. Come Undone
8. Already Dead
9. Never Come Home
10. Ugly
11. Time Never Heals

Morgan Lander – Lead vocals, Guitar
Mercedes Lander – Drums
Tara McLeod – Guitar
Ivy Vujic – Bass guitar

1999 Spit
2001 Oracle
2004 Until The End
2007 Funeral For Yesterday
2009 In the Black

Produced by Siegfried „Siggy“ Meier at Beach Road Studios in Goderich Ontario

Released 2/9-2011
Reviewed 31/8-2011

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Canadian girl band rockers Kittie are back with their sixth album, one of the albums of this year I was looking most forward to recalling the amazingness of the latest album called In the Black which was received with high praise here at Hallowed. Now it is time for their new offering, white with a skull on the cover, to hit the shelves where records are sold and also the digital shelves of those places which I cannot name since they do not pay. The album is called I’ve Failed You which in all honesty sounds like they are apologising to me for doing an album worse than the one before, that is not very ambitious.

Musically they are described as Nu Metal which does not go down well with Richard as he thinks such music is sacrilegious to the metal genre, which is a stupid opinion to be honest. I don’t really think that Nu Metal is a good description anyway as it does not really describe how it sounds and I think of other bands than Kittie when hearing that labelling. I think Kittie can be described as heaven and hell as they have such range in their music with deep dark hellish vocals in contrast to clean singing female vocals and the story is the same coming to the sound of the music, from the darker depths of hell to metal heaven one might say. There are deep dark riffs that contrast with clean nice guitar melodies that are similar to the ones heard in heavy- or power metal, saying that Kittie is a band of contrast is quite correct. The sound of this album does well reflect this contrasting as well with going from well polished and clean to quite dark and raw, I would say that it sounds like they have worked very hard with the production to find this sound. One might also say that their sound is probably not something that will appeal to musical traditionalists, something that might appeal to them though is the fact that you can fit the entire album on a vinyl record as the eleven tracks take no more than about 36 minutes to play through.

Do I think that the album is as good as I hoped? Well, first of all I had not really hoped for anything special but to be honest the first two play throughs were a bit of a disappointment as it just sounded dark and growly. Later however, I was proven quite wrong in that first impression as the album needs a few plays to sink in, it starts in a quite dark tone and that tone is the prominent one throughout the album and the contrasting elements are quite subtle so it requires a few time to really appreciate them. Not the easily accessible album that today’s pop radio gives us but that is how I like it, but still it does not quite beat or at least better In the Black. It is a great album but not better than the predecessor in my opinion. I think In the Black was a real punch in the face, an emotional roller coaster, a fantastic album; I’ve Failed You is really great but it is just a great album and it does not make your nose bleed. Still, the answer to the first question is definitely yes, it is a great album and what more can you hope for?

This is an album for all of you who like your women aggressive and powerful, an album for all of you who already like the band, an album for all of you who think music needs to be something more than just the background hum. It is not for the weak minded or the traditionalists, it is a diverse and exciting album for all that are open for that kind of music.

So Kitte, you are wrong in your title, you did not fail me.




Label: Massacre Records
Three similar bands: Arch Enemy/Darzamat/Unexpect
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
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