1. Barfota
2. Fäbodpsalm
3. From-Olle
4. Idioten
5. Senegal Beat
6. Tax Free
7. Hans & Greta
8. Senpolska
9. Stockholmspolka
10. Sangenuten

Kenny Håkanson (guitar)
Mats Glenngård (violin)
Göran Lagerberg (bass)
Thomas Netzler (bass)
Pelle Ekman (drums)
Hassan Bah (percussion)

Resa mot okänt mål (1971) (Journey to an unknown destination)
Kebnekajse II (1973)
Kebnekajse III (1975)
Ljus från Afrika (1976) (Lights from Africa)
Elefanten (1976) (The elephant)
Vi drar vidare (1978) (We press on)
Electric Mountain (1993) - Compilation album
Resa mot okänt mål (remastered) (2001)
Kebnekajse (2009)



Released 25/2-2011
Reviewed 22/2-2011

subliminal sounds

There are times when I really tend to wonder why certain albums and artist see their record end up on our doorstep. This latest offering by Swedish band Kebnekajse is one of those albums that feels just wrong. It is not rock, hardrock or heavy metal which is what we tend to deal with on this webzine but of course we make exceptions if time permits. What we have musically is something inspired by Swedish folk music but with their roots of progressive rock still ever present in the background.

This band has their roots back in the 1970s when they were a piece of the progressive music movement. In Sweden this progressive music was rather set in the lyrics than musically, this band however was one of those that also were progressive in their music and not only in the lyrics.

Nowadays with their latest albums Kebnekajse are playing music that very much resembles Swedish folk music, and they are completely instrumental with no vocals whatsoever. It is ten tracks and 47 minutes of music all with the folk musical side, there are however some toots remaining from the band’s time as “real” rockers. what is also there is the improvisational stuff, the band is improvising a bit in the songs making the music perhaps more alive or something in that fashion. The album is called Idioten which means The Idiot for those who do not manage to translate for themselves.

The album starts with a track called Barfota (Barefoot) which is a good track and a good start, it is probably my favourite track as it is interesting and good. Good is something that can be said for most of the album as well because there are good songs there and good music can never be bad really.

However, I do have some problems with this album. First of all, I have a problem with instrumental music in most cases and this feels like no exception, I seem to be loosing interest the further this album goes and the songs tend to melt together into one soup of sounds and melodies which might for some but for me it was just annoying and I felt that I could not really focus well enough towards the end.

The music is not bad in any way but regular Swedish folk music has never been anything working well for me and this is no exception. But I am not all encompassing as there are other people out there and I am quite sure that there is a decent audience for this band, maybe not a big one but there is one there and I also think those will like the album as it is well made and there is nothing to complain about there, thing is only that I am the one reviewing it and as I am not really sure what the audience will say, I will say what I think about it.

I think that this is a decent album and I really have only one major complaint and that is that I cannot really remain interested for most of the album and am just looking forwards to next band and album. Idioten does not manage to grab me, or make a lasting impression, it feel more like another album than something I would want.


Label - Subliminal Sounds/Triada
Three similar bands - Swedish folk music
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm