In a Perfect World

1. 1969
2. Turn it up
3. The world is caving in
4. Can’t take it with you
5. There’s nothing wrong with the world
6. Bite the grit
7. When fear came to town

Jonas Reingold: Fretted and fretless bass/Backing vocals
Marcus Liliequist: Drums
Göran Edman: Vocals
Lalle Larsson: Keyboards/Backing vocals
Nils Erikson: Vocals/Keyboards
Krister Jonsson: Guitars

Entering The Spectra (2002)
Wheel Of Life (2004)
Who's The Boss In The Factory? (2008)


Produced by Jonas Reingold

Released 25/7-2011
Reviewed 3/8-2011


Can you make a seven minute hit song? and can you make it in the typical hit song style not like Bohemian Rhapsody or that kind of song? Karmakanic can, in the second track of this album, Turn it Up they do just that and they do it really well. But now I am moving a bit fast, this album called In a Perfect World that starts 1969 and went on ‘til Fear Came to Town, is the fourth of the band that is a project of known-from-Flower-Kings Jonas Reingold who says that what he does with Karmakanic is doing everything he enjoys in music. In Karmakanic he is the captain and runs the ship and not a hired deckhand as in Flower Kings, and his crew for Karmakanic sure consist of known people from the business.

Musically I would have been surprised if it would have been anything but progressive rock, something that Karmakanic is not reinventing with this album but it still carries the changes and complexity of the progressive rock. They have changes in tempo, mood and the songs are complex as well as diverse, it is seven tracks and 58 minutes of diverse music where no track is really alike the other while the sound is still coherent enough so that you never doubt that it is the same album you are listening to. Many of the songs are quite long as well, and even though it is all things progressive it does feel a bit held back, or shall I say restricted, not in a forced way though. The sound and production is crystal clear and excellent, it does its part in bringing the songs to life.

The album starts with a track called 1969 which is over fourteen minutes long, and it still is an excellent start because it contains all aspects of this album. It is a track that shift character many times during the song while still remaining the same song in your mind but if you listen to only the start and a part of the later before the inevitable return towards the start you will notice a massive difference but it is still the same in a way. The following track Turn it Up is the best of the album I think, a brilliant hit song that is almost seven minutes. It has a catchy chorus with very laid back verses and bridges, the track is brilliantly balanced and it sure would be a great radio track but the question is wether anyone would play such a long song on the radio. The track following that The World is Caving in is also great, I didn’t like it that much at first but it is a track that grows on you. The fact is though that I like all tracks on this album as it is a great album.

It is an album however, that requires you to really listen and it takes some time to get into it properly. I did find it a bit bland at first due to the many calmer parts that it has but when I got to know the music better it grew several levels and I think it is a great album, it has most of what you want, great melodies, great moods, the vocals are brilliantly handled by Göran Edman, the track overall is really good and I think that all fans of progressive rock will find this album rather appealing, I know I do.

Seven tracks and fifty eight minutes, not many bands can make this long albums and actually succeed with it, Karmakanic can do it and they have made great album even though I don’t believe them when they say that there is nothing wrong with the world, I know that it is.

Turn it on and the Turn it Up, the volume that is, a great album well worth looking into.



Label: InsideOut
Three similar bands: Flower Kings/Kaipa/Yes
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
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