1. Shadowpath (intro)
2. Among the lost
3. Arming for retribution
4. Thanatos
5. Feuer gegen Feuer
6. Hollow Heart
7. Hiding in sorrow
8. The eye of Horus
9. Dewfall
10. A sinner’s remorse

Martin Simon – Lead vocals, Bass
Karsten Simon – Guitars
Julian Schenke – Guitars
Jan Hein – Keyboards
Fabien Chmiel – Drums


Produced by Torsten Sauerbrey im Metalsound Studio in Osterode.
Mastering by Torsten Sauerbrey, Artwork and Tobias Püschner
Cover artwork by Artwars Mediadesign

Released 25/11-2011
Reviewed 3/12-2011


Young guns from Germany is Kambrium, they are described as Epic Death Metal. The German quintet are releasing their debut called Shadowpath and it was recorded in the Metalsound-studio in Osterode in Germany as the band was looking to get a professional production if one is to believe the press information for this album. If they have professional production, the same cannot be said about their logo which looks quite ugly to be honest but the album cover art looks quite good despite this ugly logotype. One thing is good with it though, it looks death metallic which is exactly what the band are marketed as.

Musically they can be called modern death metal, modern melodic death metal which is becoming increasingly more popular by the minute it seems and as is customary in such genre they vary clean vocals with growls. On the surface not the most unique or different of music out there but looks can be deceiving as the band has a rather unique sound, their music can probably best be described as epic. It is very melodic in its disposition, it is also in its moment quite powerful and aggressive but not overly aggressive like being slightly held back perhaps. The production is good and professional much like the band was looking for, the sound is good and the sound is kept both aggressive and melodic without ever feeling compromised. The album lasts for fifty minutes and the songs are quite varied without feeling incoherent.

All the tools for a successful album are there for this band, a sound that is not overused, a varied list of songs which still remains coherent and dynamic sound. The opening track is a very good opener and a good song but after that I think this album is good but when trying to recall the songs I can’t and that is despite having listened to this album for fifteen times. The songs are good but there is nothing there to grab me and when it ends it is just like most hollywood action films: you know you’ve seen it but cannot recall anything from it. That is why I cannot name a favourite track even if I try, I wonder if the band is too cautious in their song writing.

I believe though that the main cause for these events is the vocals which are frankly not quite good enough and that might be the sole reason for the songs being difficult to take in but it might also have other reasons as I stated before the song writing might be just a little bit too careful. But I would still say that they do what they do well and their songs and their overall package is still good, it fails to grab me but the songs are still good.

So in the end it is a good album, though not overly impressive but with some good parts that they can develop on when making their second album and whatever might follow that. They have all the tools and materials they need but for this album their handywork is adequate but not brilliant.



Label: Massacre Records
Three similar bands: Wintersun/Ensiferum/Turisas
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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