Audio, Video, Disco

1. Horsepower
2. Civilization (with Ali Love)
3. Ohio (with Vincent Vendetta of Midnight Juggernauts)
4. Canon (Primo)
5. Canon
6. On'n'On (with Morgan Phalen)
7. Brianvision
8. Parade
9. New Lands (with Morgan Phalen)
10. Helix
11. Audio, Video, Disco.

Gaspard Augé
Xavier de Rosnay

2007: †

Ali Love
Vincent Vendetta
Morgan Phalen

Producers: Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay

Released 26/10-2011
Reviewed 8/11-2011

ed banger

French electro duo Justice brings their giant stone cross into the studio and then record their second album of the career. A band maybe taking the justice seriously but it might also just be a name, it is a band that has named their album Audio, Video, Disco which would cause anyone with a slight sense of thinking power to question wether or not this album is really a good match for the hallowed reviews and the hallowed answer to the question is that it both is and isn’t.

The thing is that Justice has drawn much of their inspirations from the rock scene and especially the progressive rock scene, you can hear traces of Zeppelin, Blue Öyster Cult, Queen, Yes just to name a few rock bands that spring to mind when listening to this album, I also somewhat come to think of a synthpop band we reviewed a while back Hallowed called De/Vision, but it is at the same time quite different. I find it quite hard to really places this band musically as they are much all over the place and the songs are quite varied, they do however show a lot of energy and power in their music I would say. The production is modern and clean, nothing disturbing in the sound, but I am not a very wandered person within the genre so I might be wrong on that note.

I would say that this overall is a decent album, nothing fantastic and some of the tracks are quite poor, the track called Ohio for instance is really bad. The songs are also varied in that there is vocal parts in some of them while it isn’t in others, one thing is in common though and that is that the band’s main members do not sing on the album, there are guests for that. The album is 46 minutes long on eleven tracks and a hidden one and that is about as far as I think is manageable because it feels rather long towards the end of the album.

The second track called Civilization is by far the top track on the album and it is also a track that I really like, it has great vocals, a great melody and all you can wish for in a track. But other than this track it is quite difficult to find anything that really makes an impression, most of it is alright but it if mostly nothing more than just alright. Sure it is not a genre of mine and to be honest it is not really something that entirely fits our frame of reference either but it is an album we have received from Warner who likes to throw us some albums that do not quite fit the bill, still I found it interesting enough to listen through the prescribed times and for Civilization about twice that and I think it is rather good in general even if nothing really stands out as brilliant except for already named track. The other tracks are moderately good and a few of them are bad.

I think that when I add everything up I find that this album is okay, the music is alright for most parts and there is one track that is quite amazing just to spice it up a bit. So, if you like discofied progressive rock or just some cool rockish electronic music I think this is for you, I can for sure listen to Civilization many more times but I feel I’ve had quite enough of the rest of the album. So, a decent album with one great track.


Label: Ed Banger Records/Because/Warner
Three similar bands: Led Zeppelin/Daft Punk/Blue Öyster Cult
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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