Live in Black

1. Road of the Cross
2. Shadow People
3. Below
4. We Brought The Angels Down
5. Stormcrow
6. Spirit Black
7. The Inner Road
8. Man of the Dark.
1. Blacksong
2. Guitar Solo (Tore Moren)
3. Tungur Knivur
4. Guitar Solo (Tor Erik Myhre)
5. Rock and Roll Angel
6. Drum Solo
7. Soul of the Wind
8. Are You Ready
9. War of the World.

Jorn Lande: Vocals
Tore Moren: Guitar
Tor Erik Myhre: Guitar
Nic Angileri: Bass
Willy Bendiksen: Drums

2000 – Starfire
2001 – Worldchanger
2004 – Out to Every Nation
2006 – The Duke
2007 – Unlocking the Past (cover album)
2007 – The Gathering (compilation)
2007 – Live in America (Live)
2008 – Lonely are the Brave
2009 – Spirit Black
2009 – Dukebox (compilation)
2010 – Dio (tribute album)


Produced by: Jorn Lande
Mixed by : Tommy Hansen
Mastered by: Tommy Hansen

Released 27/8-2011
Reviewed 4/9-2011


Jörn Lande, one of the biggest voices of the heavy metal world today and maybe the heir of late Ronnie James Dio when it comes to being the voice of heavy metal. He also belongs amongst my favourite vocalists but under his own name he hasn’t really managed to make an album that really impressed me, lets see if he can pull it off this time. The latest I reviewed the one with Russell Allen was not that amazing so he might have something to prove here.

Under the name Jorn they have made eight studio albums and two compilations, two cover albums and now two live albums since the first album in 2000. I think that is a lot of non-original studio albums during such a short timeframe, and the two live albums have come during a four year period which feels a bit close as I believe that live albums should mark something special not just being some random show like this being Sweden Rock Festival and the one from 2007 was from Prog Power festival in the USA, which makes it two recorded festival shows, but I guess that is the way to get the big audiences so I guess it is alright, one time.

Musically it is classical heavy metal, with the classic riffing and the charismatic voice of Jörn on top of that. For a metal knowledgeable person the Dio name would figure in there as his voice reminds of said Dio and also the music bears marks of the late hero’s music. Not to a point that it becomes plagiarism but the inspiration is clearly heard here. Another thing that strikes me is how good the sound is, it sounds like some band’s studio albums and I assume those band would be rather envious with a sound like this on their studio albums. The sound of the audience is a strange thing though, it seems like they fall asleep or leave for a while to either wake up or return some time later, this makes you forget that you are listening to a live album. Some reviewer said a live album should make you feel like you were there in the crowd, this album does not do that which I find fortunate since I dislike being in such a big crowd that smell disgusting of sweat, beer and vomit. I particularly dislike festivals but that is another matter, this album has 17 tracks nine on one disc and eight on the other and it is the same on the DVD but it is of course only on one disk.

If I were a Jorn fan I would find this unnecessary as I do think live albums should be few and far between, a twenty year career should contain a maximum of one or two live albums but I’d rather see that they did not do any. But two in four years is way to much no matter which way I look at it, and then adding that there is only one studio album between those two live albums makes it even worse, it is a bit like they are trying to ripoff the fans. I cannot dislike the music though as it alright, the sound is great and there is a nice alive feel without the awfulness that some live albums give. And fortunately it feels more like a studio album with added crowd noises than a real live show which is good as it sounds better that way.

Not being a fan of live albums even though my favourite album of all time is a live album, I still think this is alright in general. The songs work well and the atmosphere is good and I believe it will be a good way to get into Jorn’s music without it being a live album destroying the sense of how his songs really sound, like it usually does in live albums by for instance Iron Maiden. It could almost be seen as a best of album but then you have to ignore that there are already two of those out for Jorn as well, no wonder he has managed to sell two million albums when he has released a million of them already. Maybe that last one was a tad mean, after all I like Jörn and he has a wonderful metal voice even though he is much better singing for some band that doesn’t bare his name.

I would say in the end though that this is a quite good live album, not that it changes my mind of how I see Jorn as a band but I think the fans will adore it and I also think that it is a great release to check out if you are curious about the band.


Label: Frontier Records
Three similar bands: Masterplan/Millenium/Dio
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
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