Chaos ElecDead

1. No I.D.
2. Blood
4 Blood
3. Time
4. Chaos ElecDead
5. In My World
6. Rise My Head
7. Away From Me
8. Have No Fear
9. Second Face

George T. – vocals, guitar
Jim T. – guitars
Nick M. – bass
Jim M. – drums, backing vocals


Produced by R.D. Liapakis

Released 2011-04-29
Reviewed 2011-05-10


For Greek modern thrash metal band Insidead the word dead seem to play quite the big part for some reason. I have no idea why it is part of both name and album title since I have not really bothered to take in the lyrical content of the album. As stated the music is described by Massacre Records as “modern thrash metal” which actual can mean quite a lot, after all they are a modern band since ElecDead is their debut album.

So what is this moden thrash metal? Well, I would speculate that it has its roots back in the day, in the legendary and classical Bay Area thrash metal which spawned many legendary band like Metallica or Megadeth and I would say that I can imagine hearing some traces of said Metallica when I start playing this album. It is not a carbon copy of this kind of music though, they have a touch of their own style making them feel not like a copy but more like a band that actually thought something out themselves. This latest might be slightly incorrect though since thrash metal is not really my main area of expertise (I don’t really know what that would be) so there might be bands in hordes that has done what Insidead does before them.

The production is one of these things giving this band their own sound, it is modern, clean and still with this heavy feel. This production is done by RD Lipakis, well known for his work with Mystic Prophecy but also as a producer for a bunch of bands that I have reviewed lately. This is clearly one of the better produced thrash metal albums I have heard, sure those who like it of the more brutal kind will probably complain that it is too melodic and too soft for their super heavy and cool minds. But it works well for me and probably for most of you who like music.

My main complaint of this band is that they have a pathetic band name really, it feels kind of silly. The album cover also look kind of ridiculous with its skull and stuff, it feels a bit wrong for what we get in the way of music, but when the album starts you forget all this crap as the opening track No I.D. is really good and the same can be said for the second track which is also really good. The third track is called Time and it is also a really good track and also the forth track is really good so naturally I was thinking that this will be a really good album but then all of a sudden it goes into neutral and just ticks away until the end. It is like it just dies of from track five to the album ends after track nine 37 minutes after it started.

It is not like these tracks are bad in any way, they are not but it feels like fillers, the last five tracks feels like they are there to fill out the album because they did not want to make an EP. There would have been easy way to avoid this by spreading the good tracks between what I see as fillers so that they do not all come at the same place because I was ready to praise this album but then ended up on the other side of the album and changed my mind.

In the end though I would say that I like this album, it has a great sound, some great songs and everything but I kind of feel a bit like someone robbed me of what it could have been. With that said we have to remember that this is the band’s first album so we could maybe guess that now that they have done away with the first they may throw out some more in the years to come and with some routine and development of this sound we will have a really great band here, but then again I have been wrong before when predicting things but lets hope I am right. ElecDead is a good album, but it could have been better is the feeling that remain when the last song ends.


Label: Massacre Records
Three similar bands: Death Angel/Metallica/Legion of the Damned
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm