1. Reverse the cross
2. Lunatics perversions
3. Dysevangelist
4. Les germes du pourrissement
5. Autodafé
6. Acid inferno

Impia Fraus (Bass)
Sad (Drums)
Pie666 (Guitars)
Icons Blasphemer (Guitars)
Dhate (Vocals)

Ultra Intense Hellnoitze Deflagration (Split, 2002)
S.V.E.S.T. / Inkisitor (Split, 2007)
Inkisitor (EP 2007)
Inkisitor (Compilation, 2009)



Released 2011-03-25
Reviewed 2011-11-01

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According to wikimetal (what ever that’s suppose to be), Inkisitor is ” a French Black Metal band created in 2000”. Now, according to my Oxford University thesaurus, ”create” means:
1. Produce (generate, bring in to being, make, fabricate, fashion, build, construct, design, devise, originate, frame, develop, shape, form, forge)
2. Bring about (give rise to, lead to, result in, cause, breed, generate, engender, produce, make for, promote, foster, sow the seeds of, contribute to)
3. Establish (found, initiate, institute, constitute, inaugurate, launch, set up, form, organize, develop)
4. Appoint (make, invest as, install as)
So what this French black metal act has ”established” is a band and this is their full-length debut. To me, though,it feels quite difficult to take this band seriously. Not only because they’ve ”fabricated” themselves (or shaped or framed or forged) but also because of the stupid names the band has ”set up” on themselves. And nothing gets better when you push play.

The first thing that you’ll hear when you play ’Dysevangelist’ is the song Reverse The Cross, which begins with a two minute part that could be taken straight out of the intro sequence in Terminator 2. Or perhaps one of the endless numbers of religious horror films that exist. But everything goes completely to hell as they start to actually play some sort of music 2.14 in to the album. And then when the drummer starts at 2.21. Thank you and good night! At 2.35 the vocalist introduce himself to the equation and that’s when the curtain goes down for real. The second songs starts with the classic black metal line that all bands in this genre seems to be forced to use at least once on every album. The fourth songs starts with screaming and laughing. Every single song is destroyed by four things: (1) the idiotic sounds of the vocalist, (2) the idiotic racket of the drums, (3) the idiotic noises from the guitars and (4) the hubbub of the bass. In my book these are normally the foundation you need to get right to get good albums.

The French metal scene is growing for each year and their position on the metal map is increasing. There’s labels and bands within most sub-metal-genres but despite this the real peak – the quality acts – are still missing from this, the second most populated country in Europe (21st in the world). Inkisitor makes no attempts at all to turn this upside down. Their partly fast and partly slow black metal is pretty decent looking at surface level, but as soon as you dive in to the depth of it you’ll hear that beneath the decent sound quality, the decently variation on the songs, the decent construction with more than one chord repeated over and over and the decent overall production you’ll get that frustrated feeling by the vocalist. By the guitars. By the drums. And by the bass! Everything decent is just washed away as if it’s taken by under water currents.

Now I’m not saying they’re bad musicians or anything but everything that comes out the speakers is shit! The barely 40 minutes that the album last feels to me like someone sticking post-it notes on my forehead over and over. Nothing feels motivated, everything feels idiotic and the music that logically should work pretty good is just annoying and frustrating to listen to. Like a hundred full-grown bears squeezed together in my sofa, making sounds to each other. And I can’t just find myself to say a single positive word about the music on this album. There’s just nothing I like. Melodies and song structure and production is like I say decent, but it’s just dull when they play it.

I feel that this French act is creating only one thing – and that’s headache in my head. They’ve created irritation and produced a completely negative impression. On the positive is that they’ve established some sort of acknowledge for the people behind the production. But my judgement is simply that I dislike every single second of the album and I don’t ever want to hear it again. Despite the fact that it actually have some positives.


Label: Osmose Productions
Three similar bands: Sjodogg/Dark Funeral/Graveland
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Caj Källmalm

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