The Hour Has Come

01. Intro
02. For the Reaper
03. No Limitations
04. Failure
05. Luvox
06. Tediously
07. A War Within
08. Black Crown
09. Made Obligations
10. My Scornful Wrath

Johan Ejerblom - Vocals
Viktor Lindqvist - Guitar
Henrik Axelsson - Drums
Christoffer Knutsson - Guitar
Gustav Johansson - Bass


Viktor Brunö (Vocals on 6)
Jonathan Björk (Vocals on 4)

Thomas "Plec" Johansson (Mix & master)

Released 23/5-2011
Reviewed 25/8-2011


If someone had given me a dollar for each time Implodes vocalist makes sounds that sound like if he were vomiting I would have been a millionaire by now. And that would be true even if I only got it the first time I heard it.

Implode play death metal, like so many others. This is a genre that makes its point by screaming loud and play even louder as well as fill the lyrics with “evil” and “cool” themes. Like walking the dog or spicy food. The definition of this genre is more or less definied by Implode. They tick of everything ever said to define the genre and some might think “great! Let’s buy it immidietly!” when hearing that as others think ”no way in hell!”. Me, I’m thinking “what a shame”. And the reason for this is because as with everything said to define something it ends up being something too similar to what already exist and therefore not very interesting in 999 996 cases of a million. The music keeps on living and evolving because of creative, inventive ways of doing it and not by plagiarizing what already exist. To keep on developing what others has made and improve it, make it better and push the boundries. Exploring new territory. Because of this, the best we can wish for with a band like Implode - who doesn’t make progress – is that they are one of these 4 out of a million bands that sounds good anyway and isn’t feeling boring and worn out like a stereotype as we put them in the stereo…

Unfortunately, they aren’t.

Implode are simple and repetitive melodies. Implode are heavy bass and heavy guitars. Implode are hard drumming. Implode are screaming. It’s not bad and it’s not exactly like everything or anything else, but it’s not far from it and it’s not much – if any – that feels unique and own in their music. They put some clean vocals in to the otherwise dominating growling and screaming, and they sample some sounds from other things, like sounds of children and such, but nothing of this feels especially creative and chocking either. It sounds predictable and “normal”. Nothing above what you could see coming, as simple as that.

However, there’s more in to it than what I’ve given Implode credit for so far. One thing is their element of thrash metal mixed in to the music which makes them play faster and have a more unpolished sound than most death metal. And then there’s a deeper message behind why Implode sings about death, war and such, which is their lyrical theme about the human decay where our moral is dying away for greed, contempt and prejudices for what’s different and where we only think about ourselves. And this doesn’t feel like a chocking new theme either. And it doesn’t feel like something new and chocking to play death metal fast and thrashy either. Perhaps there isn’t so much more to Implode after all. They simply aren’t inventive and creative and coming with new ideas. At the same time, I can’t help feeling that ‘The Hour Has Come’ is an album that as made from five guys full of ideas and trying new things all the way through this album. The problem is that none of this ideas are new or very exciting, they feel more worn out and hackneyed while actually coming with an intension of not being that. And the reason for this is probably because they didn’t know better, or perhaps they couldn’t do it better. Had they been more aware of what else has been released they wouldn’t do it this way, or they could have done it much easier by just plagiarizing other bands and not hurl themselves into the unknown making leaps of faith in to something that actually is pretty well known. Like building a half advanced raft and taking it out the English channel to explore France and beyond instead of using the ferry or even looking it up in a book or on the internet.

To summarize, Implode is not impressive. Implode is in a pond and we’ve seen that pond many times before – it’s not a very exciting pond. Sure, it’s a nice pond, but the truth is that there are better looking and more exciting ponds. There’s nothing wrong with it elsewhere and it’s decent but to float my favorite boat you really need a bigger and better pond than this.


Label: Supernova/Cosmos
Three similar bands: Before the Dawn/Descend/The Haunted
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Recensent: Caj Källmalm
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