I Suffer Incorporated
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Me(n)tal Disorders

1. Blasting Rodeo Drive
2. Don't Wanna Be Like Johnny
3. Pocket Doll
4. Doctor Doctor (cover UFO)
5. The Male Supremacy (Or How To Subjugate A Woman In Ten Easy Steps)

Alex Sweet Savage: Vocals, Rythm Guitars, Synth Programming
Faster Percy: Lead Guitars
Franko SteelBlade: Bass Guitar
Wild Stuart: Drums

Burn Me in Silence (2004)
Chronicles Of Lost Purity (2006)

Il Conte (Wine Spirit): Vocals on Don't Wanna Be Like Johnny
Mauro Gelsomini (ex Kingcrow): Vocals on Doctor Doctor and The Male Supremacy or How to Subjugate a Woman in 10 Easy Steps
Val Monteleone (Dying Diva, Brendon Boys): Volcals on Pocket Doll
Federico Ferranti (Blind Horizon): Bass Guitar in all songs


Released 2011
Reviewed 26/5-2011


An Italian company this, I Suffer, kind of a strange name for a company but still it is a name I could have used for a company of mine had I not owned a company already. Their business strategy is to spread metalcore, heavy metal, emo and other with those related musical styles and business practises. They are situated on the Spider Rock Exchange which is a non-profit place for bands. Their album title makes me wonder if they are actually trying to compete with Bring Me the Horizon about having the longest title, I have not glimpsed at who will win but I know for sure that I will not write the title of this EP in this review.

It is 23 minutes, an EP that I have been looking at for a while. It has five tracks amongst which one is a cover of the UFO song called Doctor Doctor. It is a cover that is quite similar to the original but still with the bands own twist and some added background growls in the choruses. Other than that track we have an opener that gives us some electronic craziness along with some spoken words before breaking out into a metalcore aggressive tune. Then we have Don’t Wanna be Like Johnny which is a rather straightforward fastish thing with a sing-along chorus, the third track is called Pocket Doll and is sung in an aggressive manor but not in growls, it is quite aggressive that song. Doctor Doctor is number four and it is as I said already. Then it ends in a song that incorporates most of what is in the other songs into one song. The production is generally what you might expect, the sound is rather good all the way through.

As a long time fan of music I have never understood the point of the EP, it usually contain a lot of rubbish and generally not even EPs from bands I like are that interesting. They generally contain stuff elected to be left out of the albums and maybe some covers and so on, generally the contain one or two good tracks and a few tracks that feel mainly pointless. And with this album the pattern is the same, the second track I like, it has energy and good melody, chorus and overall feel and it is the best of the EP, then we have the cover which is quite good as well, the opening track has a good opening but the rest is quite average. Track three Pocket Doll is just one of those tracks, it really gives me nothing whatsoever and the same goes for the track that ends this EP.

There is still some good with this as it sets up a feeling that the album the band is to release in the not so distant future can be something to look forward to. There is potentia that shine through when listening to this EP but the general feel is not there. The sound in tracks three and five is not that good but the biggest problem by far is the difference in character between all the tracks. It is hard to even realise that the songs are by the same band, the fact that they have been using different vocalists as guests might contribute to this sensation but also stylewise the different is massive. Comparing songs from this album is like comparing snowflakes, the element (the people) is the same but then there is all kinds of differences in size and shape and it is the same with this EP, it feels incoherent.

As I already stated, the potential for a good album is there but as this is an EP it is filled with the obligatory rubbish that EPs usually are filled with. And my general opinion of this EP therefore is as follows: it is good but it is way to incoherent to be any more than just good.


Label - Spider Rock Promotion
Three similar bands - Windseeker/At the gates/Poison the well
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm