Welcome the Dead

1. Welcome the Dead
2. Silence of Minds
3. Chosen
4. Aria (In Memoriam)
5. The Incident
6. Impaled
7. Scars
8. I Want Nothing
9. Shadows
10. The Heart Collector (Cover track)

Chris G (Vocals)
Jonathan Letson (Bass Guitar)
Matthew ‘Animal’ Thomas (Drums)
Daniel Owen (Guitar)
Steven Barberini (Guitar)


Mixed and engineered by Tim Hamil at Sonic-One Studio, Wales
Mastered by John K

Released 2011-07-29
Reviewed 2011-08-23


The band called Hunted Welcome the Dead, the question is though wether they welcome the dead to the world of the dead or to the world of the living and also if they are a friendly welcome or an unfriendly one. Another thing that is quite easily noticed with this band who now release their first album for the second time (but first on the Massacre label) is that they have one of The Muppets as a drummer. Moreover they have the brother of Gus G as vocalist, well someone might guess he is anyway but he might also be related to Chris Chelios, who knows? I don’t care anyway, all I know is that the band is from Wales which feels like a somewhat exotic place for a metal band.

In the promotional information the band are described as a heavy/power/thrash/progressive metal band, which is a description that does not really narrow it down much but we know now that they are not folk/death/black or bathroom metal. But to make a description I would say that Hunted are quite varied in style encompassing quite a few elements but in general what is significant for the band are the many changes in tempo and tone. I would say that the band sound a bit american to be honest, it reminds a lot of Crimson Glory as well as a more unknown band called Exhibition, but also in a way it reminds of Iced Earth and their likes. The album has ten tracks that are well produced and of which one is a cover on a Nevermore song, it will set you back a little over fifty minutes to play through the entire album.

When looking at the songs I don’t think there is a single track that really stand out on this album, they are quite equal all of the song, they differ a bit from one another but they are more or less equally good. I would say that the first two real songs after the intro are a good indicator on wether or not you will like this album as they set the tone and show more or less how the album will sound with the stylistical changes and tempo changes through the song so if you like the first two songs, you will also like the rest of the album, if not you should look elsewhere.

This album has some strong points in a good production, the fact that they dare to venture deep into the progressive landscape that is so filled with perils for a band. Their vocalist does a very good job and manages to keep within the right parameters I would say. The songs are generally quite good so it is an exciting album no doubt about that. However, there are some problems, I think for ones there is a problem with coherency. Songs can have complex song structure and all of that while still being good and this is thanks to songs that feel like they belong together, that is not quite the fact for this band as it feels as though something is missing. Then I think the singer tends to become a bit of an annoyance towards the latter half of the album and thanks to this the album feels like it is on the long side.

In the end I think this album becomes one of those albums that you find being alright to listen to but you’ll be hard pressed to recall anything of real value from. It is not that Hunted are bad or anything it is just that they succeed in pulling of the trick being progressive and complex while still being a middle of the road band, kind of an odd thing to do. Welcome the Dead is a quite good album that fails to make a big lasting impression on me.


Label: Massacre Records
Three similar bands:Crimson Glory/Iced Earth/Nevermore
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
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