Human Sculpture
Our World / Torn Down

1. Deconstruction
2. A Heart
3. The Wait

Ville Mansikkaviita – Vocals
Jussi Salolainen - Guitar
Mikko Pylkkö - Guitar
Samu Pasanen - Bass
Jaakko Jaakkola - Drums




Released 5/9-2011
Reviewed 26/10-2011


Are you that guy who often hold a chicken over your head and say: “I am dolphin boy”? then you fall into the prospective buyers category for this band. There is not often music is made for you who are mad but if you when you walk past a shop window get the irresistible urge to lick it, then you might want to find yourself a crayon and write a check for some money and then give it to your nurse who can go out and buy the three track EP by Human Sculpture.

Human Sculpture is a finnish death metal band according to themselves and who knows, they may be right in that. Their music is very heavy but with some melodies thrown in there all around, some fancy pace changes, a little bit of blastbeats and vocals that sound like they come from someone who just swallowed a plate. I can point out to you dolphin boy who is interested in this album, that it is absolutely impossible to make out words of the racket that is the vocals on this three track EP. Other than that it sounds quite ordinary with some mad melodic parts that is hard to understand why they are there as they do not quite harmonise with the rest of the sounds in the song. Many times it sounds like noise and sounds that just come in a neverending stream, much like ashes from an erupting icelandic volcano but with the difference that Human Sculpture sounds does not stop air traffic as far as I know. This EP is almost 16 minutes long which makes it easy to quickly listen to it and get to know its contents.

I think you should stop eating that crayon now, you should have used it to write a check. I don’t think it is quite healthy to eat crayons either, but if you are capable of reading between the crayon marks on your screen I can point out that I don’t particularly fancy this EP. There are several reasons for this, one is that the vocals are just annoying and that I hate when I cannot make out words from the vocals which I can’t with this EP, maybe if I slow down the speed but then I think the other stuff will sound poor. Then I don’t think the sounds on the EP harmonise well, it feels like the instruments are battling for dominance rather than composing a unity of sounds that in the end will make up a song. I have to say though that as I am not really that deeply involved or interested in the extremer of the metal genre I might completely misunderstand as this EP has received some fine reviews and also some average reviews around the web, I saw now real negative review when I was scanning, so maybe it is just me. But it might just be you who happen to be mad as well.

I think the comparison the label does with Decapitated works quite well, in some parts it sounds very much as said band but at others it doesn’t. I am sure these guys aren’t looking to score well amongst the ordinary crowds, it requires a special kind of audience to admire this kind of work and maybe they find enough of those and soon we will see their debut album as well.

If you are a potential buyer of this EP I assume that your sceen is completely overpainted and you crayon is almost gone at this stage but just in case you manage to clean it off or if you haven’t finished crayoning your screen yet I can say that I hear some good intentions from this band, parts of songs can be rather good and exciting but unfortunately that is very few points and I believe that in the end it will still be more sane to wait for an album to arrive rather than giving out a crayoned check for this short EP which is why I think you have to be mad in some way to buy this three track EP.


The Wait by Human Sculpture

Label: Self Released
Three similar bands: Decapitated/At The Gates/Black Dahlia Murder
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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