Horde of Hel

01. Herrens Tid
02. Smärtans Vapen
03. Works Of The Holy
04. Förintelsens Flod
05. Riv Livets Tron
06. Med Vapen I Hand
07. Likdagg
08. Celebration
09. Döden Regal
10. Livents Tid Förbi
11. Dömd Frölös
12. Hären

Odhinn - All Instruments

Blodskam (2009)



Released 31/5-2011
Reviewed 14/9-2011


Sometimes it's easy to forget that reviewing albums is a job when you get good albums lining up after each other. But then comes albums like Likdagg by Horde of Hel and reminds you that work is work and not just fun and play. Now get back to work! There's absolutely no fun at all with this album. Actually, it's quite painful!

Horde of Hel has putted together twelve songs playing for almost the full hour one the second album of this one man band. There's Swedish titles and Swedish vocals on all songs but the third, called Works Of The Holy, but that title alone together with the band name should give a good idea of the lyrical theme on this album. Yes, it's good old Mr Lucifer that's hailed again. This raises my real question - what's the point of this album? It's hardly that they/he are such artist/s he/they just had to release this album or else he/they would feel suffocated. Neither do they have this massively unique message no one has ever come up with before (on the contrary, I think most of us are sick of hearing about it again and again to be honest). And I do believe even Horde of Hel (despite the illiterate spelling in the band name) are clever enough to realize that this will never be a commercial success. So, the question of why is something I hope to understand before this review comes to an end...

Overall, my feeling of 'Likdagg' is that when everything comes around, it is quite a varied album. I mean… listen to everything on it - therese monotonous guitars, monotonous sounds unable to identify, monotonous sounds of a human and then also some monotonous "moody" sounds from a keyboard or something. I think it all sounds pretty much like playing one of all these albums with whale sounds but instead of whales it's sung by idiot(s). Let's begin with the vocal performance which sounds almost like it was a "real" vocalist that has sung the album but the recording was so shitty and the volume too loud which has made it all crack in distortion all the time, which makes it very annoying. Instrumentally it's handled completely without any traceable quality anywhere and the melodies might exist in the mind of the maker but nowhere else. Sometimes though, in particular songs, you can actually accidentally hear something with some sort of quality in it, but that might just be my mind wandering of to fantasia instead of staying in the reality - after all this album is 99% noise and sounds putted together with each other without anything that actually makes them fit together.

I think the album is mostly relatable to black metal. A lot of monotonous noises with shitty sound quality and no form of intelligence or competence anywhere. It seems to be made without a brain and the purpose of it is hence quite non-existent. It's like they've/he's used "the standard form for Norwegian black metal" found in "black metal for dummies 4" where they push extra much for a) no competence, b) no point and c) no brain. I guess somewhere you might suspect the purpose has been to make something that sounds evil and dangerous. Somewhat forbidden perhaps and in the end something that might cause a debate about it. Like if they/he hoped for a riot against the album where the name is thrown around in media as something bad and unfitting for us and our children like a new Hitler or something. But how wrong they were then. This sounds too pathetic and incompetent and desperate for attention for anyone to give a damn. If the purpose was to cause outcries and mobs chasing the album and everything with it with pitchforks and burning torches there were millions of better ways to do that than to make some sort of collection of sounds from people vomiting. This is bad, bad, bad - and then I haven't even commentated on the whole attitude-thing yet.

So the purpose of the album is nowhere to be found and I can't think of anything this album actually can contribute with to anyone or anything. This album is as useless as the new Samsung Galaxy whatever… just burn the goddamn thing fast!


Label: Regain Records
Three similar bands: I Shalt Become/Dimmu Borgir/Valkyria
Rating: HHHHHHH (2/7)
Reviewer: Caj Källmalm
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