Paint my Fear

01 Far Beyond The Stars
02 Mirror’s Eye
03 My Inferno
04 Ten Days, Ten Nights
05 My Golden Void
06 Pool Of Decadence
07 The Curse
08 Tears Of Fire
09 Where They Belong

Mcleod – Vocals
Skorza – Guitars; Backing Vocals
Filtho – Keyboards
Charly – Bass
Raulicio – Drums


Produced by Daniel Carvalho and Echidna at Fábrica do Som studios
mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios in Sweden

Released 21/10-2011
Reviewed 21/12-2011

noisehead records

Spanish band Hateskor is releasing their debut album called Paint My Fear which has a quite striking album cover I would say. It is described as melodic death metal which is not what you might expect from looking at the album cover but it is what they say it is. Melodic death metal is a hard place to really break into these days being a very popular genre but Hateskor has not been receiving any poor reviews that I have been able to spot, some are quite positive while others have more neutral view of what the spaniards have to offer. My thought is that they are inspired by the finns and the leading death metal enclave there, think Children of Bodom and Norther and you have a rather close approximation of what to expect.

The vocals being deathish is of the more primitive kind, more in style of what we receive from a bit heavier bands normally. Hateskor is not particularly heavy, they are very melodic having the keyboards including Piano playing a quite prominent role in the soundscape. The production is as you can expect with decent sound and very melodic without really giving up the heavier bits even though it as I said is not that heavy. The songs are in a relatively uptempo disposition but with a bit of a variation in that regard, the vocals are not that varied though. On the album you’ll notice nine tracks and a playing time of about 48 minutes which should keep the album within a decent timeframe to keep interests up.

The opening two tracks are the top ones on the album, with lots of melodic and catchiness it is grabbing your attention but after that? Well, there is… nothing really. Nothing might be a bit harsh on the band because these tracks are good as well but nothing fancy and nothing that is particularly interesting.

As I previously stated there are two good tracks that open the album but after that comes just a set of good songs that doesn’t really do that much to me to be honest, they are good but nothing more. So therefore this album ends up being a quite decent album but nothing earth shattering or really exciting, one thing I have to add though and that is that this band has potential they just have to manage to write songs that holds the same potential as they show at times on this album. So in a way it is an exciting debut album and two of the songs I will keep with me while the rest are just more songs in the ever growing swamp that is the melodic death metal, one thing more that is really good with this band is that they are not using the very popular dual vocalist approach.

A debut that promises a lot more for the future but this album really does not show much else than that so a name to remember but an album to forget in large parts.



Label: Noisehead Records/Gordeon
Three similar bands: Wintersun/Norther/Children of Bodom
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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